April 21, 2012

Halo 4 Multiplayer Impressions

Halo 4 Multiplayer Combat

Check out this Game Informer exclusive video about the changes coming to Halo 4 multiplayer.

Impressions Video Here

To wrap up our week of Halo 4 multiplayer coverage, we wanted to speak directly about our experience with the game. While on the cover story trip visiting 343 Industries we had a blast playing a couple of multiplayer matches with the developers. There is a lot of new information to process, and we hope this feature serves as a sufficient summary on what to expect when you get your hands on the game this fall. Watch the video below to see Game Informer editors Matt Miller and Bryan Vore share their thoughts on the changes to multiplayer in Halo 4 with associate editor Kyle Hilliard.

-Game Informer

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