April 17, 2012

Halo 4 On Conan

Halo 4 Killing Spree

onan visited the studio of 343i in tonights episode and scored himself a role in the game. Don’t worry it won’t be a real role, Conan and Andy just did some voice acting. The dialogue went over the two of them arguing about putting crates into a Pelican, most likely as Marines.

Unfortunately there was not much information about Halo 4 in the segment, but they did leave us one new clip of the battle rifle. New gameplay starts at 8:51

Full Conan Segment

New Multiplayer Gameplay

  • Squatchmen

    Wow, I can’t wait to pummel him in the hanger, and that footage from multiplayer is sick!

    • Tim

      Hope they keep the maniacal laughing for when you shoot him.

  • Ryan

    Hopefully Minecraft on the 360 will hold me over till then. It probably wont

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Hello everyone, my name is Tim and I love Halo. Enjoy.

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