October 25, 2012

New HD Multiplayer Gameplays


Here are five sweet gameplays uploaded by Tim Lyons. I highly recommend watching in HD.

Infinity Slayer on Ragnarok

Regicide on Adrift

Dominion on Longbow

CTF on Exile


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  • GarishGoblin

    LOL second video, 5:50 RAGE QUIT

  • FucFrauds

    gotta love how even the thumbnails shows a dead spartan. seriously, i hope he dies IRL if he’s playing a leaked copy.

    • Jennifer Burkley

      Then you’re pretty stupid, honestly. Wishing death upon someone just because they manage to get a leaked copy of a VIDEO GAME? Seriously? That’s pretty extreme..

      • Raxs

        I’m sure he doesn’t mean it (:

    • Tim, the guy from this video

      Love you too, hope you enjoyed watching it

  • John Nunez

    Just when I finished the other videos more show up hahaha, gonna be late to class =P

  • chicken sucks

    soo cool im going watch all again

  • Bobbyflow

    Thanks tim!

  • Miguel Morim

    This gameplay and this players, are that people that got Halo 4 “twenty days earlier”? If yes OMG they are doing specializations, when game launches, they would be at the highest rank, lol that sucks a lot

    • halo4nation

      They reset the ranks on launch day

      • Miguel Morim

        Uff, that is what I call good News, thanks Tim

      • Spencer Peterson

        Oh thank goodness. This is what I thought and I thought that it was really stupid of the to do that.

  • The Aggie

    LOL… that guy got a suicide by his ordinance drop!!! Well, that answers that quesetion!!!

    • MLG Nyte Fury

      not gona lie they already answered that at E3

  • The Aggie

    Not a fan of the new warthog sound. Some things you just don’t mess with.

    But otherwise the sound is amazing!!!

    • Max117

      Same for me :3

  • specter

    i am just saying right now i call the mantis!!! 😀

    • Brandon Moreau

      the thing looks like the geko from metal gear solid 4

    • Brandon Moreau

      the thing looks like the geko from metal gear solid 4

    • specter

      to be honest i wouldnt know! lol! ive never played metal gear solid before, however i hear its a good game.

  • MM

    I wouldn’t call these “sweet”, dude. Nice audio, good video, but gameplay? This hurt to watch. He made so many mistakes and bad decisions. I’ve seen worse players but this was still an endurance test for a player since the CE days.

    • John Nunez

      Some people have different play styles, although I got the feeling he was trying too hard to look good on his recording. Still amazing gameplay though, while they lasted lol.

      • Tim, the guy from this video

        Awww, you are literally watching my first few games I ever played of H4. I recorded these for a few people I’ve known for a while and never thought it would have made it’s rounds.

        • John Nunez

          Well im glad they did, and that I was able to watch some before MS took em down lol.

  • Fenirad

    Last one is Leaked?

  • swagbags

    Holy shit, that sound quality on dominion longbow sounds is crazy, every explosion and gunshot sounds amazing good job 343

  • Atlas

    Starting to worry about the DMR… It’s really overpowered how it is right now, none of the other primary weapons stand a chance.

    • Archangel

      lightrifle will be good as well as br but imo i dont give a flying fck cuz i luv dmr

    • Reid Azrael Kissell

      The BR, DMR, Carbine are all equal in terms of killing rate. It’s takes the same amount of time to kill someone with those 3 rifles. The Light Rifle takes longer to kill when you shoot from the hip, but when you zoom in it takes less time to kill someone with headshots.

      • Rodney Myers

        Actually if you watch one of naked eli’s recent gameplays, he talks about the DMR being the best and frank o’ connor said it too.

    • Sylvester Swag-Monsta Okwampa

      Over powered? It takes 5 shots to kill like the lightrifle and BR

    • Atlas

      Why down vote me? If you look at the chart you’ll see that DMR can kill almost 20% faster than the BR or the unscoped Light Rifle and around 10% faster than carbine. It’s also the most accurate out of scope and second most accurate in scope. So it’s true… Then up vote the guy who said the same thing. Don’t really care much it’s just I’m only stating facts…

      • ereree

        of you ctriticise the game on this you will be down voted its pretty automatic same if you mention an other game (except if you shit on cod)

    • Atlas

      Fine hate on facts I don’t care about your ignorance.

  • SweatyMeatWallet

    looks like ive anew favortie game type. domination and regicide. lol no more ff or slayer for me. to bad i have to wait another week and 8 days

  • Max117

    I think I’m done with the multiplayer gameplays, even in HD.

    • migz

      Did you get the code ?

      • Max117

        Yes I realized yesterday when I turn off my XBOX that the strange message with letters was in fact your code :3 Thanks a lot I will type it tonight and see what it last. A big thanks ! :)

  • sam

    LOL 3rd video 4:50

  • Sylvester Swag-Monsta Okwampa


  • AdamFortier

    is it just me or is anyone else pissed off by how overpowered the dmr is? I’v noticed in throughout a few gameplay vids and even earlier a mlg group pointed in out in a video. i hope they fix it because nothing was more annoying in a shooter then everyone using the exact same thing.

    • Atlas

      I am, I also got around 20 down votes here for pointing it out with facts that it is… It’s so obviously better than anything else I hope they patch it quick. Don’t get me wrong this game is looking better than anything I’ve ever seen. I just want it to be the best it can be and they won’t fix any problems until people acknowledge them.

      • AdamFortier

        if theres anything iv learned from my 10 years of mmo gaming is that even the slightest bit of something being overpowered is game breaking.

  • bubbledrops333

    omg they have killcams yeah

  • Jikar

    The videos have been taken down Tim.

    • Tim, the guy from this video

      Nah, entire account was deleted. There is a reddit user, recaps, who works for a company that monitors r/halo and other websites looking for people who have uploaded H4 content early and reports them. He informed me it was due to the embargo that is in place until Nov 1. What sucks, is he didn’t inform me of this news until after the fact.

  • Ish_Smith

    lol it YT was termintated

  • specter

    i thinks microsoft doesnt like us anymore! lol!

  • Jonathon West

    Weak, stupid microsoft!

  • Ryan

    Microsoft calmed copy right on these vids. :(

  • James Carne


  • Tim, the guy from this video

    Would you mind changing the name to Bluntman? I’d rather have my Halo videos be represented by that name as opposed to my first and last if possible :) Thank you

  • Colin Regn

    Nooooo there were such good videos, I didn’t get to finish them microsoft.. damn you guys..

    • specter

      they were god videos i agree, then microsoft came in with a killjoy…huh

  • specter

    seriously what copyright can they have on these videos???

    • SurprizeForYou

      Intellectual copyrights? Idk.. maybe the fact that they, have the rights to all images from a product they produced?

      • specter

        got it…i wish they would be a little more loose

        • SurprizeForYou

          If you had made the game you’d probably want it kept private til launch too. Idk. I definitely respect their copyrights; it’s like art.

          • Dedication15

            I believe it has to do with the fact that anyone who obtained a leaked copy was allowed to play it, but could not post any video of it.

  • Jamal Tuggle

    So… any chance you can upload the videos again or send them to me for download? never got the chance to watch the awesomeness :'(

  • pippy/nippy Nipps

    Why move not work?RAGE RAGE

    • pippy/nippy Nipps

      Is that baby stuff or what!?!?

  • pippy/nippy Nipps

    Why move not work:(

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