July 17, 2012

Part 2: 343i vs Community Gameplay

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Yesterday we saw the first part of the Comic Con match between members of 343 and the community.

Here is part 2..Enjoy

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  • like a boss

    this is some pretty good gameplay. thank you tim for doing such a great job for us halo fans! <3

    • halo4nation

      Thanks Mr boss! You guys are awesome

  • Jammin

    I know right, Tim is so awesome! I LOVE YOU TIM!

    • halo4nation


  • spencer hodges

    wow. dat sucks to lose like dat.

  • Robert Harley

    I love that as soon as Bravo asked NakedEli to commentate he did it perfectly just on command there is no way I could do that!

  • Lane

    So far I am very impressed with Halo 4, cant wait till it comes out!

  • James Matthew Kearney

    close game a bit to close

  • Tommy Behnke

    loadouts really this is halo not COD

  • SeraphimIP

    seen a lot of great videos on this site! the information you give and the questions are great! keep up the good work!! πŸ˜‰

    here’s one more question that I’d like you to ask to the developers:
    what is going to happen to quitters? are their any new and stronger regulations about that?

    … I know all the stuff about the weapons and grenades is interesting, but nevertheless quitters are a big issue regarding multiplaying too! Please don’t forget about these things. I know it might be hard to get an answer especially when it is still uncertain how the ranking system and therefore the routine that decides which players play against another will work. depending on the program that in the end decides the teams for example, a way has to be found to prevent quitting, for this really destroys competitive online gaming! in reach big team battles (a really nice playlist btw) is barely playable due to the many quitters! banning, or temp-banning is just not enough cause it will not change the behavior of the players quitting. in my opinion you should implement harder punishments like for example decrease the rank or subtract experience points (credits whatever) from the players progress at a certain percentage of the total points needed to get to the next rank, or something!

    like I said, it is depending on the system that puts the players up against one another. is it more community orientated or play skill driven? still, quitters need to be punished harder! removing ranks or exp and making it harder for them to level seems the best way, I think!


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