June 14, 2012

Sniper Rifle, Hardlight Shield, And More Commentary

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Gamespot released two new gameplays that were recorded at E3 that give us a better look at the Sniper Rifle and the Hardlight shield. I must say the first person view of the Sniper may take some getting used to; very different from past Halo’s.

Sniper Rifle appears at 9:18 in the first video

Hardlight Shield and Developer Commentary

MLG Pros and Developer Commentary on Adrift

Sniper First Person

Sniper ADS

Sniper Bloom

Sniper Sprint

Sniper Defeat Alert

  • Squatchmen

    sniper rifle looks ugly in first person

    • Jdino188

      well i agree they probably should have just evolved its design but in halo 2 they made the screen clear and made the sniper look smaller so at the time that was a big change but idk it still worked out….

  • Chon

    They really screwed up the Sniper’s looks. :(

    • Avi Patel

      freaking butchered the poor thing. they better fix it, because it really does not look welcoming.

    • Squatchmen

      We should tell 343i how we feel about the change – my only gripe are two things, the sniper rifle look in first person, and the “Rocket pistol” I liked the grenade launcher a lot more.

      EDIT: here is a link to the beautiful Reach sniper, just go back and look at this sniper to look back on -

      Big difference right? this sniper feels like a predecessor more than a successor!

  • Avi Patel

    the sniper is ugly, really ugly. and that scope is just distracting, with those two quarter circles around the middle… please fix it, 343i .

  • Jordan

    I think the sniper looks pretty awesome….


    Honestly I think the new sniper looks sick!

  • Halo4Dabest

    If you took off the gay heartbeat sensor and that nasty cord tubey thing it might not look that bad. Why couldn’t they just have tweaked the reach sniper?

  • Alejandro

    why is there fucking bloom on the sniper?? screw you 343i!!!!

    • derp

      Because firearms have recoil, which in game translates to bloom. hurr durr

    • halo4nation

      The sniper had bloom in Reach as well.

      • Alejandro

        which sucked, i prefer the sniper on Halo 3

    • Atlas

      It doesn’t have bloom, and no ones have ever had bloom… It’s only the animation of the crosshair, doesn’t affect gameplay at all.

  • Mike

    I don’t care much for the way the sniper looks, but at least they added some recoil and time in between shots to avoid people no scoping and all that junk. I don’t care for the hard light shield either, but at least they picked a shield over an invincible energy shield around your whole body “aka armor lock”. Hard light shield is a good replacement for armor lock, doesn’t make people completely invincible from all angles.

    Btw, does anyone know if you can use the hardlight shield to take a hit from a vehicle without killing you, like armor lock?

  • Clint Eastwood

    The community is whining and bitching about something new? shocking.
    I think the new rifle looks and sounds better and more powerful. Actually looks representative of an anti-material rifle true to it’s name. The optic setup reminds me of BORS, too.

  • Josef Jakubiak

    I quite like the whole look of the game. Makes me sad people aren’t for the new enemy’s however, I’m all for variety in the game. Overall I think no one needs to worry about 343 and they can enjoy the game like its the blockbuster it’s meant to be.

    • Haraldo Carpinetti

      All Halo needed was this change. The new enemies, new weapons and new challenges! It’s gonna be awesome!

    • Sam

      The enemies look awesome (Amazing job 343!), but at the same time I wished the Prometheans resembled the combat skins for the forerunners were the enemies, they looked much more humanoid and cooler IMO. The classification names are also kind of strange.

    • Jammin

      I am glad for the new enemies. I am ****ing sick and tired of the damned Covenant. Did we not beat them in halo 3? The Covenant should not be in Halo 4 AT ALL. 343 better have a mighty fine explanation for all this crap.

      • momo

        there was a elites civil war between the 3 and the 4 and they splited into faction some just dont like the humans

        • spencer hodges

          yep, sepatarist and the loyalist…. loyalist: the ones with the covenant, sepatarist: ones with the humans, separatist elites FTW!!

      • shipmaster

        it is not the covenant but a sliver tat broke off after the war after they lost the religion the are fueled by their hatred towards humans

      • renegade

        So you rather just keep fighting the Prometheans, plus everyone likes the covenant.

    • Enozraw

      I agree, people will get over the changes and see with their eyes wide open at the game.(except those who already have)

  • Haraldo Carpinetti

    I do like the new sniper rifle. Odd at first, I’ll give you that… and I rather the Reach one but this one works just as well. And if they did something to avoid long range non scope shots I’ll like it even more!

    The Hardlight shield is awesome, kicks Armor Lock’s ass! And as someone said over here, if you could launch it really fast so you could avoid been run over by vehicles would be cool, not destroying the hog or whatever as the Armor Lock, but still preventing you to die…

  • Isaac

    I dont like bloom doesnt make sense your a man in a full metal armored suit and you cant take the recoil of a gun?

    • spencer hodges

      true,that is true but i mean a games a game, not EVERYTHING is gonna make sense

  • Willard Filmore

    I miss the way the old sniper sounded :'(

  • Vinny

    I think the sniper rifle is pretty cool looking. Halo needs to be changed up a bit. We don’t want to be seeing the same thing in every new Halo game.

  • poiry

    what do you think about the new pew pew pew sound instead of the hold pow pow pow
    personaly I love both

  • gagdfg

    anyone else noticed that headshot dont allways give the same amount of point?

  • spencer hodges

    I really dont care how the sniper looks, as long as it kills, it does’nt matter to me, but i honestly think it looks pretty cool to me except for the scope, but i dont care it looks nice and big… 0_0 …no homo, but it looks like a friggin rocket launcher turned into a rifle but yea, people, dont worry about it as long as you can get points who cares

  • Zonary Gomez

    no! they did with the sniper looks for me is a crap

    • renegade

      i agree, but i think we will get use to it eventually.

  • You

    I’m Hungry

  • xXJMVXx

    I think the only reason the covenant is there is because I think a few teams broke off and got lost on the Shield-World.

  • Chon Williams

    Dear god that Sniper looks complete shit

  • Kevin Chan


  • Michael like my page if you want Team Snipers back on Halo 4

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