November 9, 2012

Raider Armor Unlock Codes



More Glyph Codes Here:

20,000 XP code Glyph

25,000 XP Majestic Glyph

20,000 XP Silentium Glyph

50,000 XP + Laso emblem


Credit goes to fa7alis on r/halo for posting all of these details.


The first codes give you the Raider Armor, while the bottom code gives you the Raider Helmet



You can enter them in the Waypoint app or online at:

Raider Helmet

  • Cody Squadroni

    You have to have the first three episodes complete for the raider armor.

  • Cody Squadroni

    First three episodes to unlock raider armor.

  • Logan Bird

    thank you so much my friend is now in rage mode and its hilarious

  • Dbordy

    Does episodes mean the first three spartan ops missions, or the first three groups of five missions?

    • Miguel Morim

      first 3 mission, I think, in waypoint says: Land Grab, Sniper Alley, and the challenge, that I think are the first 3 mission, not the episodes

      • Nicolas A Bolinaga Assunto

        actually the missions are the episodes (btw the chapters are the ones that are release weekly)

        • Crummie

          You have it backwards. Episodes are weekly. The missions are called chapters. (source: the achievement list)

  • David Amy Zislin

    what is wiseguy

  • David Amy Zislin

    do you unklock raider normally in the game or do you need the codes

  • brad


    • Jkt K-t

      beat the game on legendary to get the full MARKV set, if you cant by your self beat it on co-op

      • DUDE

        No dude, that’s mark VI (6) mark V is what caboose wears which is totally unavailable.

        • thomas

          Mark V helmet is the original helmet. I too would like to have this in Halo 4 :(

          • Jack DeLaronde

            Good news people! The Mark V Armour is available through the Infinity Armour pack. costs $2.99, though.

  • Ryan FreeJay GForD

    how about the oni code? for me waypoint just froze…

    • Cody Squadroni

      This happens everytime just go on as normal and it should be there.

  • Ryan FreeJay GForD

    nvm got it

  • Thematrix117

    meh, i would use it, but im still going through the campaign [its amazing btw best halo campaign ever!] so im not ready to play spops, and plus im not feeling the raider…i still love my gstop hazop armor, even though i havent played online since i figured out what i was doing wrong when entering the codes

    • Phearless

      Disagree, on one point…. Halo Reach had the best campaign. But Halo 4’s multiplayer kicks Reach’s ass (except the lack of a Firefight mode)…

      • Bob Lance

        reach campaign sucked if anything it has the worst campaign accept for halo 3 odst

        • Phearless

          your mom had the worst campaign :p

        • John Taylor

          yeah odst was pretty sweet.

          • Potato

            ODSTs campaign was really confusing, you don’t know what mission was after what, and the city streets we’re really not that good, I’m sorry but I like Halo one the best

          • Sean McCarthy

            well duhhh lol

          • DUDE

            Where’s the Halo 2 love people? That’s by far the best

          • fu

            odst sucked

      • Colin Smith

        that is what spartan ops replaced so therefore it is all good in my book.

  • Matthew Wilmott

    @ Brad u get for completing campaign on legendary

  • Archangel

    just got it pretty cool

  • ThriveToSurvive

    what is oni

  • Quenten Howald

    what is oni1 code do

  • Rudy Giordano

    I’ve unlocked the armor but how the hell do I claim it? It showed on my waypoint but it’s nowhere to be found in my armory.

    • Rudy Giordano

      nevermind… im dumb lol.

      • Netgear45


  • Conrad Harding

    The armors sick thanks for the codes!!!!!!!

    • Conrad Harding

      Oh and for everybody wondering the ONI code unlocks the ONI logo as an emblem its pretty cool too

  • dario huallpa

    for what is the oni1 ??

  • Steven Little

    You don’t have to complete the first 3 episodes, there’s only 2 episodes out right now in the first place, It’s been available since second episode came out. Just beat the first episode, preferably on Legendary, and then input the ONI and Raider codes. Wiseguy, you need terminals for, but easy enough to find them if you actually look.

    • Falgore

      are you fucking retarded? there are more then 3 out dumbass.

      • Bandilero

        Actually hes smarter than you – there are 2 episodes out, which are each composed of chapters (or missions or whatever they call it)

      • Eric

        You got served, TROLL. SHUT THE F… Up now.

        • fu

          u r as bad as the troll

  • yolo

    First three chapters of episode one complete for raider armor

  • Cloud Mulcahey IV

    Oni1 is consept art and other crap not armor

  • guest

    Don’t know why everyone’s saying you need to complete the first 3 episodes…I have all three parts and episode three comes out next week.

  • Greg Grimes

    they just released the third episode

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  • Guest

    After I unlocked the Raider armor, I went back and found it in the armory… But all my limited edition bonuses were gone. Armor, specializations, weapon skin, emblems… Everything. Where did it go? And how can I get it back? :(

  • PeterFramptonInSouthHampton

    Who needs raider armor….. when your a wetwork and operator!

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  • Michael Gibbs

    U dont need ep 3 finished…i have finished and i unlcoked just fine

  • dustinross

    oni1 why u make my xbox freez twice

  • Ghani Messali

    I don’t get it – that not even a human language?

  • the supreme DIP

    The requirements for the Raider armor are to complete the first three chapters of the first episode of Spartan Ops, not complete the first three episodes

  • ThatOneGuy

    does it have to be on legendary?

  • Colin Smith

    when i enter the code it has the spinning circle and nothing else. What should happen? and i have complted all episodes

  • inkman

    Children illchays, Halo 2 had the worst campaign by far

  • cody776

    what does wise guy unlock plese telll meee!!!!

  • Conner Jakeinboots Clements

    What’s the code all the way on the right give you?

  • Delta7xray

    What about the new version raider dstt? Has nobody found the codes yet?

  • nebudchadnezzar

    do i need to beat the first three episodes on a certain difficulty?

  • Mario Llamas

    can it be on easy ( so that I just ge it faster?)

    • Mario Llamas

      done yes you can :)

  • Brendyn Baigan

    it says fotas armor for limited edition xbox i got that an di never got that armor fotas i hate halo4 well i like it but i hate it because it never gave me fotas armor it gave my sis it and she didnt have the limited edition xbox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! weird? :0

  • Brendyn Baigan


  • Chameleos112

    How many terminals are there and where can i find them

  • Low Score

    I got master chiefs armor its not that great not the same armor as in campaign more like halo 3 version armor

  • Low Score

    add me my gamer tag is Sniper72406

  • Low Score

    beat campaign on co-op and solo

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  • Joey Berry

    this is awesome. my spartan has now become amazing

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