December 14, 2012

Raider DSTT Helmet Code

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 6.22.07 PM

Nak3dEli posted this video on the secret LK code which unlocks the Raider DSTT helmet. The requirement for this unlock is to have played at least 1000 war games matches.

You can enter the code here

Also thank you to Seth Hansen for sending me this image with the symbols.


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  • Archangel

    great as if i had enough time to play as it is-this will take me a while probably by summer 2013

  • Mike

    No where near 1000 games. Oh well; I’d rather wear my stalker helmet anyways.

    • Raxs

      Yeah, Fair enough πŸ˜€ Fotus and Engineer is still good for me!

  • Storm King

    You need to give proper credit to the people who actually found the codes. Heres a link!links/c14f4

    • Seth Allister Hansen

      That’s why i included the website in the pic. It is indeed important.

      • Storm King

        halo.wikibruce doesn’t list credits for any of the codes found. It just simply stats the codes and how to recreate them. My link takes you to the most up to date website about the glyphs as well as giving credit to those who found them and giving you links to the relevant threads and the IRC channel.

  • Raxs

    ohhh Damn :/ 1000 Games! I ma at about 300 so far :S But that is one awesome skin!

  • Raxs

    Wow! Does anyone know what that medal was that he had in the middle!? It looks like unfrigginbeleivble but with a star around it! Also, 1000 games is alot! I am only at 300 atm :S

  • migz

    I’m on my way to 1000 matches :) right now I have 601

  • Oh no you didn’t

    I would be okay with this if the raider helmet didn’t look stuid

  • Mk Elder Toad

    i has 504… so close..

  • mitchman

    1000 games? some of us have a life…

  • Seth Allister Hansen

    Wahoo! Got a shout out. Made my day.

  • matt

    I have played exactly 1057 war games but the code still won’t work for me wtf am I doing wrong


      Read what it says under. You gotta look for glyphs in DLC 1

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