June 7, 2012

Menu and Customization Screenshots

Halo 4 E3 Test play

Pocket-Lint posted new multiplayer menu screenshots from E3 to their website. The first image shows what a custom game lobby will look like. The second image is of the armor customization for the Spartan, specifically the color scheme. The last menu image displays the post game carnage report where the player can check their stats for the previous match.

Beyond that are 6 helmet variations that were spotted in an IGN video by Cyren.

Custom Lobby

Color Customization

Post-game stats leaderboard







  • Noel

    Tim do you have any idea when the MLG or general public will be allowed to post all the E3 HALO videos? i mean is there any media block just like they had during the spring showcase?

    • Tim

      I have not heard for sure a date at which they can release the videos, but tomorrow afternoon mlg will be doing a livestream of multiplayer. Videos of that should then be up soon after.

      • Noel


        well i guess i know where i should be tuned in for these videos πŸ˜‰

  • Squatchmen

    Ooooo, is that the EVA helmet I see in the second image. Even if it’s a variant of the original, still want

  • Atlas

    In the second picture is says “you are on the team demon” what do you think that means?

    • Chief

      Team demon is the name of the wolf team and the unicorn team is named fury its like the new “red” and “blue”.

      • Caelan

        Or you could possibly change the name of the teams in custom games now…

        • Chief

          That would be great

    • Alec

      So far I think there are only two teams. Team Demon is known as the read team. Nd team Fury is known as the blue team.

    • storm

      it means your ethier on team demon or fury[red or blue] i think its only used in slayer gametypes or infinity slayer

  • Jason

    armor looks great!

  • Joe

    on the pics it shows it the bottom right corner start-customize what do you think that does also top right corner it shows LB-RB what do you think that does.

  • Jon

    Friday, five full match videos from MLG.

  • Adam

    Did they change the Hazop armour? or ?

  • Miguel

    I don’t want to be “that guy” and i’m sure there are a lot more helmets, but the ones i’ve seen so far look really ugly, i mean the scout and recon aren’t bad, and the soldier is the only one i like, but the rest is really ugly, doesn’t even look like a halo helmet…

  • Fun Guy

    Swee, you even get a cool look at the different pieces of armor!

  • Sam

    I’m kinda dissapointed with the armor. The don’t look as appealing as Halo 3’s or Reach’s, instead they look a little jumbled up and wacky. Very creepy to say the least, especially that Hazop :S.

  • Axel

    helmets look gross…only the orbital, scout, and recon look kinda cool….i wanna see a pic of the locus helmet in game….doesnt look like halo, but it looks awsome lol

  • Squatchmen

    I hope the classic helmets are still going to be in in the game like:

    Mark V

    All of these helmets listed above is what I consider the “original” Halo helmets, and I also strongly agree that the Soldier and Locust are probably the only two that are visually acceptable.

  • Isaac

    Does anyone agree that the scout kinda looks like the hunters head

    • Nic

      Ya, it kind of does. Cool!! Now I can run around pretending to be a hunter!

  • Josh

    Will there be an infection for multiplayer or atleast custom games?

  • T

    the infiltrator helmet looks like the security helmet on dead space 2. so im defiantly getting it.

    • spencer hodges

      YO i just noticed that also!!!

    • Alex

      Jus means its really hot then. cause that dead space helmet has always looked sick

  • Russell

    Really really disappointed. They could have done a way better job

  • apaplwowko

    recon is back, im happy

    • spencer hodges

      same here

  • TheTempest2087

    I’m so glad Recon is coming back. I may not be sure about this Recon though. It looks more like Halo: Reach’s Recon. I liked Recon from Halo 3. I think Halo Waypoint should come out with an entire list of all the armors for Halo 4 with pictures soon. Maybe after Comic Con or something. It couldn’t hurt Halo 4 for anyone.

  • Jacob Heseldell

    halo 4 is 60$ right and ledgendary is 100$

  • Caelan Lee

    Looks like you can change the shade of the colours. Just look at the 2nd picture, (the one with the Orbital helmet) it shows a slider bar above the shades of colours

  • Kingsfan32

    are all of the armor (helmets) unlocked and can you where the pre order skins

    • spencer hodges

      yea its like say you have the pre – order skin: pulse, from what i know YOU CAN use that pre order skin on the very first default armor you unlock!! coo wight? but no not all helmets arent unlocked when you start

  • Kingsfan32

    recon and hazop will look good in forest skin

  • ForrestGump998

    I personally think that they look good and that 343i is doing a good job with the game and i believe the series is in good hands and if you think about it without 343i we wouldn’t have any more halo games so your’e going to just get used to the new armor(helmets) looks.Bungie wasn’t going to make a sequel so just stop complaining and just give 343i a chance

    • spencer hodges

      DAM RIGHT this man understands!!!!

  • Rebirth7Infinity

    most of the armor looks pretty plastic compared to reach. changing the custom game lobby looks awesome but at the same time more difficult to manage

    • Forrestgump998

      I think that they look good not really that bad but defined in its own way separate from Reach’s armor.

  • spencer hodges

    ugh hazop looks like jack crap to me, nothing like reach AT ALL, worse than reach at that…. but all the other helmets are good, but i dont know about infiltrator it looks ok but kinda funny at the same time

  • halo 4

    Are these all the helmets?

    • Derek Bachand


  • Raxs_Slayer

    These Look Absolutely Amazing! I Think 343 really gave Halo the leap it has needed to become a striving game, they’ve worked so hard, and just to see people complaining constantly about everything just annoys me :/ They all complain about the games being different. Look guys, it’s a different game, it’s not going to be the Same! If it was, we’d just end up like CoD.

    • Ninja Haribo

      Yes it might look good but most of my friends say 343 are probably going to ruin it by taking out something major like firefight.

      • Matt B Falcon

        what are 7?

  • ales

    I only say the they look litlle as mass effect armors

  • ales

    not all but someones

  • NoobsShallDie

    Lol, the Hazop helmet makes you look depressed.

  • Alex

    omgawd this is soo gasmic and amazing. i cant wait till this comes out! Please take all my money now Dx this wait is making my ovaries burst into sprinkles

  • TheWrathOfOdin

    The only thing that needs to be done is making Armor actually do something, otherwise I’ll be a minimalist so I am less noticeable or harder to see.

  • Cameron Trotter

    all of you that are hating the armor llisten this is way different from reach its all upgrades seriously give 343 some credit think about it bungie left the halo project and 343 filled in without them we would have never saw another halo again so stop posting bad comments thank you

    • Thundermoon99

      more like microsoft kicked bungie out of the Halo project wich was a big mistake in my opinion. i think it would be alot better with bungie in it but yes you have a point and thos arnt the only helmets so ppl should stop being ignorant and just go with it


        What do you mean “Microsoft kicked Bungie out”
        This was Bungie’s idea, they got sick of Halo so they stopped
        You should be thankful you 343 because without them, Halo would be no more

        • spencer hodges

          i agree, and cmon, i think we gotta give 343 a chance, a new, fresher halo with new ideas… why would’nt you want that?!

      • Kiri Neko

        ummm….. 343 is bungie, it has already been stated that 343 is made up of ex bungie employees so yeah

      • Matt B Falcon

        it wouldnt be better with bungie they wouldve have made a sequel to reach gameplay and armor and campaign style wise so it would suck and i wouldnt pay 60 bucks for

  • Ben

    i think those helmets look crap except for soldier. EXTREMLY DISAPOINTED.

    • YouForgotTheCarrots-Youtube

      You are seeing really crappy quality pictures taken at really unfortunate angles that make the helmets look crap. Believe me, when you play the game, they are AMAZING

    • Sylvester Swag-Monsta Okwampa

      Those aren’t even an eighth of all the helmets they are giving us so more are on the way!

  • ben

    I Think those helmets look so crap, except for, warrior, soldier, and orbital.
    the others are so so bad that its disgusting and could very well ruin halo.
    Not only are the other helmets boring but they look un realistic and just stupid an un stylish. To me, if this is what 343 class as game worthy and cool, I’m gonna predict that a lot of the game is gonna suck.

    Also, the Carnage report looks CHILDISH !!!

    Extremly Disapointed !!!

    Some of the game info and imagery and detail looks up to scratch but the above that i mentioned like the look of some of those helmets makes me sick. After all this time and they come up with major fails like that.

    Very disappointing

    • BEN

      Ive seen warrior and it looks great, soldier looks great, orbital looks great,
      As for recon and Scout, I MIGHT be able to get used to them,
      Hazop & Infiltrator are disgustingly unstylish and have no personality and look nothing like helmets, look more like ugly alien faces or mutant heads and look depressing.
      INFILTRATOR looks like it has stupid fish eyes on the top with a huge forehead like a sperm wale and the face area looks all smashed in.

      HAZOP looks like a depressed alien or like the mask in “Scary movie” or “Scream” Not only does it look like that it looks like it has a red nose from crying from depression and needs to blow its nose. Then if u look at the top of the hazop helmet it looks like it has a stupid james dean or elvis presley hair do.
      SO UPSET !!!

      I hope these aren’t the only helmets available.

  • ben

    Does anyone know weather Halo4 will be featuring any haloReach DLC maps like 1. Breakneck?
    2. HighNoon?
    3. Anchor 9?

    Or even maps like bone yard?

    These are my favourite Halo reach maps and are actually the best maps in halo ever in my opinion because they are so detailed but aren’t too futuristic and over the top. They have a sense of man made feel about them and just comine a nice futuristic feel with a real life feel. Like boneyard, an industrial site, u can’t just have all forerunner maps. u gotta have real war style maps as well and be a bit more down to earth too. Boneyard was perfect in that way.

    Also breakneck with the plane crashed into the burning building like a terror attack and burning buildings looked SOOOOO GOOD !!!
    I hope they return for halo4.
    If not, i hope halo4 do maps EXTREMLY SIMILAR with a similar feel.

    ADRIFT is sort of on the right track but i see that map getting old fast but it has the right sort of feel. HAVEN is pure future forerunner. I like fore runner maps but they need to get the balance right between down to earth human and for runner maps.

    Anyone know wether breakneck boneyard anchor9 and high noon are going to be available in halo4?

  • jake

    scout makes u look chubby

  • Maurice

    I DONT CARE WHAT ANY ONE SAYS THIS AMOR IS GREATNESSS : ) But i am gonna mis the o=other looks : (

  • BOO


    • spencer hodges

      he cant add new info or updates and all, unless they come out with new ones…

      • YouForgotTheCarrots

        There are new pics though

        • spencer hodges

          oh, ok then but what i said still is true

  • phatman5822

    343 is doing such and AMAZING!! job so far keep it up

  • James Matthew Kearney

    really hurry up with the new stuff ive seen more on youtbe

  • Forzasuperfan35

    I think the only helmets im gonna wear is recon or soldier because the others look unrealistic or like aliens and I really hated halo reach just how diffrent it was from halo 3 2 and 1 and does anybody know why elites are trying to kill you in halo 4?


    Lol some of the helmets look funny but hey I wont wear the ones I dont like just like I did in all the other halos, thank goodness for options, over all they all look great just some not my preference (: Halo 4! <3

  • SilentK

    I’m not particularly a fan of the custom games lobby, like I mean, great concept on the player cards. But what if there was 16 people in the lobby, I’m going to have to scroll through all the player cards just to see who’s in the lobby? Tedious and impractical, I hope that changes to a more user friendly format, and I would be disappointed if this is the lobby for war games too…

    Furthermore I love everything about the armor and it’s customizations! I’m expecting good things from 343i on the user interface, like I mean they did a wonderful job on Halo Waypoint. So I’m expecting something very easy to use and to navigate, and beautiful.

  • Scott Silvester

    give 343 some credit halo 4 looks amazing we would not have seen another halo again if it wasn’t for 343 so stop leaving bad comments

  • Blake Page

    ik what r u syaing but the armor is weird look i wood like to c this woarthog in halo 4

  • Jasmine Denson

    WTF have they done to the halo armour!!!
    They don’t even look or feel like halo helmets.
    I am grateful for 343 carrying halo on but I think they are changing halo far to much, and for people who have followed the series since Halo combat evolved it will just feel wrong. What a disappointment.

    • Ben

      I know right! Infiltrator and hazop are the WORST helmets i have ever seen by a country mile. theres nothing that comes close.

      I like soldier & warrior, Don’t mind Scout and Orbital.
      PLEASE !!!

      • spencer hodges

        ok, those helmets i agree, but still the rest are good, but i dont think they’re gonna take it out, some people like them believe it or not.

        • James

          i know there would be a rare few ppl who would like those 2. HOWEVER like i said, 343 Cant afford any mistakes or weak points because if they give trey arch and Call of duty a sniff they will take halo out again this year. This game needs to be 100% awesome. no slacking off.

          • spencer hodges

            i dont think they are, bungie dropped halo and 343 decided to keep going, i trust them

    • Shadow Darkness

      You people do realise, that The spartains, are Spartain IV’s… The Armor is Gen2… Of course it will be different… Ive followed Halo since Day 1… Ive Played, and Still own All Halo games… Im excited for the new armor, because its a new breed of Spartan, and new Breed of Armor… The reason it looks different is because of that… If you cant understand the fact that its Different Spartans and New Armor, then you cant understand the game… Things Change in time… And if you were following the story, its been 8 years since Halo 3’s story left off… Big Changes can happen in 8 years…

      • ben

        its one thing to change the amour. BUT its a whole nother thing to make them look like robots or a scrap heap of metal.

        also, half of the helmets displayed jet look crap.
        everyone supports new gen but why did hazop infiltrator have to look so shit

    • Kyle Miller

      i agree full

  • Tommy Behnke

    they have ruined they halo that i used to no thanks alot 343 please change the relsase date and make it like the old halo!

  • HAZOPjoe332

    what have they done with the haop helmet to looks like katie price without botox

  • ben

    Im hearing they changed the voice of Jeff Steitzer Who’s the guy that says things like… DOUBLE kill TRIPPL kill !!!

    THEY BETTER NOT HAVE !!! Jeff Steitzer Is the best part of halo!

    • whatsyourname

      no its fine its all the same :)

  • brad muniz savage

    what the fuck do 343 think they are doing! i was going to but it but fuck this i aint!
    i fucking you you 343!
    bungie where better!!!!
    i can make these helmets out of any shit! bungie can do fucking better!
    343! go fuck yourself!
    bungie! we need you back

    • whatsyourname

      youre such a confused little child, they look amazing, have you seen recruit? fotus? stalker? rogue? locus? deadeye? recon? or venator?
      probably not so gtfo and play some cod which has zero customization worth a flip.

  • brad muniz savage

    343 = make game
    bungie = make armor
    thats what we fucking need
    343 = great feel and look
    bungie = ive learned all the armor

  • thekillerbeescaptain

    you guys are all being stupid and not evan looking back on the recent halo’s in halo 3 & halo reach all of the beginnig helmets looked kinda ugly and the farther you get into the game the better the helmets looked. So 343 industries is really just being freeking smart, and going with the ugly helmets at the start. Like my favorite helmate in halo reach was carters helmet, and I couldent get that unless I got far enough into the game. So if you wanted them to automaticly just give you an easy shot at all the cool helmets instead of actually working twords getting better armor, than halo is not your game, and your just too lazy to actually work twords the helmet than your too lazy to spend the time looking at the helmets on this website. Sorry for making it so long. 343 rocks you rock! The Killer Bees gaming team friend them at my temperary live acount tkbcaptain and i will transfrer all of my friends to my new acount, and also you can friend HeadHunter413.

  • James

    Hzop and infiltrator look gay as.
    And the armour in a video i saw looks like scrap metal.
    You give Call of duty and Treyarch an inch and they will take u out again this year 343

  • Nocampsalot

    I think the halo series will change alot since 343 took over but the multiplayer will be alot beter

  • SOJA

    I hope they are gonna have the ODST helmet still, been rockin that since halo 3

  • notanoob



    ” DO NOT PUT BARRIERS ALL OVER THE GOOD SPOTS ” once bungie put barriers in the good spots the game went from a level of 10 to 4.
    who agrees with me ?.

    can 343 read this comment?

  • Pride

    O_O i died and gone to heaven

  • Pride

    i think they could do better on the hazzop but hey its not my bisness

  • Matt B Falcon

    i like hazop alot actually…

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