June 26, 2012

Understanding Spartan Ops


In this video by Ditty he clarifies some questions you may have about the Spartan Ops calendar of Halo 4.

  • Haraldo Carpinetti

    Damn you firewall! :'(

  • Isaac

    You have to have gold membership to play spartan ops

    • halo4nation

      Yes, because you need to be able to download each episode as it comes out

  • Noel Brijesh Guru

    The thing i am so excited about this is the CG cut-scene driven story-line! That should be fun…

    Tim, why do I get a MOD logo next to me? Did you just promote me pal? lol
    If it was a glitch then I will be :-(

    • halo4nation

      Haha sorry Noel, I think it does that for everyone once they submit a post. But hey in the future if we ever get a forum you will be one of the first people I look to for a mod.

      • Noel Brijesh Guru

        Yipee!! :-)

  • Mr. Fluffy fluffingston

    Ive been hearing that if you purchase and/or pre-order the limited edition of Halo 4 (like im planning to do later this week) that it would come with early or completely free access to all the new unreleased map packs for Halo 4, and if what Ditty says about 343 including seasons and/or episodes of spartan ops WITH the map packs (which he also says the’ll probablly put a price on) then will i get free access to the new season episodes if i purchase the limited edition?

    (Also they could just put the episodes as a stand alone dlc instead of being tied with the map packs, which is complete speculation on my point)

    • halo4nation

      The LE comes will give you access to 3 future DLC map packs (9 maps total)-$30 value. They did not announce that the LE will also give you future Spartan Ops seasons. Since they did not announce it, I wouldnt expect that to happen

      • Mr. Fluffy fluffingston

        ive been planning on buying the LE so i just wanted to know if the sparton ops dlc/map thing could be true. thanks man

    • Spurge

      if you get legendary edition u get the map packs and 90 days of spartan ops

    • Garrett

      I did the math; if you only get the normal edition and just buy the map packs later, you’re paying way more than what you are if you just get the LE. That’s not even including the 90 minute FUD (lol… fud…) Live Action movie. Or the other in game content. It pays for itself really quickly, so I’d say go for the LE if you plan to get all the map packs anyhow! Way cheaper!

  • Squatchmen

    I love how over half this video is showing a multplayer match in Halo 3 – albeit, a good player, and FINALLY the second half is Halo 4 related

    good job…. kinda, still gave the vid a thumbs up

  • Sonicdh6

    For Spartan Ops, will they just drop you into where the enemies are or will there be some sort of open world where you get to explore around and then go to the mission area.

    • Noel Brijesh Guru

      its kinda like a Small campaign (Episodic). It has its own cutscene and it is story driven.
      [Spoliers] It is post Halo 4…so it kinda ties you to Halo 4 and Halo 5. And all of them are objective based mission. I highly doubt free roaming mode is one of them! But that doesn’t mean it wont have those Adrenaline rush drive around!

      • spencer hodges

        WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… I hope they have one episode or mission where 3 people are in a warthog and then 1 is by themselves as a falcon gunner escorting the warthog tell me dat aint coo ppl…..

  • James Brooks Sciarrillo

    Spartan Ops is pretty much a second Campaign M :)

  • spencer hodges

    man frig going straight to multiplayer or single player campaign, im taking my friends, putting my web skin to spiderman colors and im moving out in spartan ops!!

    • Blu

      I want to see Free For All because of the skins and the way people will use them

      • spencer hodges

        true but i always play something with my friends saying that im in a clan and i know one of them from school so yea i always play with them and BTW people if you wanna play halo 4 when it comes out send me a fr to: KILLA SPENCIE, telling me that your from halo4nation

  • Raxs_Slayer

    Omg, That Was so Helpful πŸ˜€ i’m so glad spartan ops replaced Firefight, it looks amazing.

  • daman

    do you have to have xbox live to get spartan ops each week cause no ones said anything about that yet

    • Shizno

      Yes, You have to have an xbox live gold membership.

      • Garrett

        They keep on using the term DLC for Spartan Ops… so this means you go on to Live, DOWNLOAD(?) each Spartan Ops week as they release and they are there forever on your console… right? He touched on it a bit. And if you miss a week, assuming it is classic DLC rules, you can go back and download each episode you missed… if any. I don’t know. If anybody knows, let me know what you think. Thank you!

  • Matthew Sclater

    Spartan ops sounds sick!

  • hetyh

    I doubt that the s ops dlc will be with the maps but that would be awesome

  • zohaib alvi

    so u need live? i think y shouldnt need it

  • killerman526

    I’m going alot of bad guys

  • Maxplayer1337

    do u have to have xbox live silver or gold

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