October 14, 2012

Vortex Map Spotted

Screen Shot 2012-10-14 at 7.18.09 PM

After seeing this screenshot from a few days ago I couldn’t help but notice a couple clips of it in the latest Multiplayer ViDoc.

Check out the full Multiplayer Vidoc here



I took some screenshots of the clips that seemed to showcase this unknown (Vortex) map.

Seeing as how there are vehicles/large open spaces, it looks like this will be a BTB map. Also if you look at the bottom right of some of the images, the game type reads “Infinity Big Team Battle“. Does anyone think this is the Waterworks/Blood Gulch map that Frankie was referring to?


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  • Kyle Radomski

    Looks…well…Darker than the other H4 maps
    I like it :)

    • Shane Davis

      I am a fan of darker maps. xD


        Ha! Remember Water Works, that was a dark map! :)

  • Matthew Jackson

    Still waiting for final vehicle reveal!

    • A DIRTY HOBO 59


      • Max117

        But why do you think they are taking so much time to reveal a simple image of the Falcon ? IMO it will be a surorise that will be better than we though !

        • Yackeem

          I’m starting to get skeptical that there even will be a falcon or hornet in multiplayer. No news this close to launch and the maps don’t look like they could be that good for the falcon anyways. I’m still hoping for one though.

          • GentleColts

            There is no Falcon… It’s a shame, I really didn’t want to spoil anything, but I think that should be known.

          • Yackeem

            If your getting the info from the leak then I’m hoping that the leak was an unfinished version of the game because I had fun with that vehicle in forge and it would be a shame if it didn’t return. If there any possibility that the last vehicle is a promethean flying vehicle then that would be acceptable replacement for the falcon.

          • Max117

            I’m sure that the falcon and maybe 1 promethean vehicle or 2 will be in the game.

  • RizeoftheFallen

    I thought that was a new map. Looks great! But has anyone noticed that a lot of the maps are a little gloomy? I would kind of like to see a map like satrap, for the mammoth. It’s only MO though.

    • RizeoftheFallen


  • TheTiminator

    Tim.. Why are you soo cool

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  • I think

    10 maps
    3 forge
    9 dlc
    TOTAL OF 22?

    • halo4nation

      Yes, but those are only 9 DLC maps that we know of.

    • Yackeem

      There could be more DLC after that. There were 24 maps in Halo 3.

      • Archangel

        and they may release a free map or 2

        • tony

          hahahaha, that’s a great joke

          • Shane Davis

            They released a free map in Halo 3 so you never know.

          • Archangel

            yeah and they could easily give out free skins at least

          • Giovanni VeryGrim Cuadra

            Yeah but 343 sucks. Bungie has our love with Destiny though.

          • Archangel

            There not bad Miao just new. The game will dominate in its final stages

          • Crash

            Bungie came out very a free map called cold storage. so i wouldnt be surprised if 343 did

    • PhoenixPrime

      I’m sure there will be forge creations at launch by 343 and then some community maps added later so probably a lot more than 22.

  • Bigred

    Remember they said their two new vechicles
    1. Mantis
    2. ?

    • halo guy 23

      and a mammath

      • CareerVagrant

        I though so, too, but I don’t think so, anymore. Having seen Campaign footage of the Mammoth, it does not seem drivable.

        • Bigred

          True on both points, I want a promethean vechicle but they could do the same in sand trap’s elephant

    • Yackeem

      Hoping for a promethean flying vehicle.

      • R-Rhett

        Won’t happen :/ Promethean don’t have vehicles for it would be pointless. they are not organisms with choice or thought process. If anything, they may as well be big enough to be vehicles.

    • Austin Axford

      Im really hoping the second new vehicle is some sort of forerunner vehicle since if you have read the books stored forerunner technology was found on the shield world Trevelyan that was still working

  • Archangel

    wow i luv the art style

  • Max117

    Nice ! the map looks totally unfrigginbelievable !

  • Sam

    I kind of wished that there was a Covenant map :/

    • Shane Davis

      There are going to be 9 DLC maps. I am sure that at least one of them will be a covenant based map.

      • Dom Naanbread Harris

        But elites aren’t playable in multiplayer, so what would be the point? I know they look awesome, but it’ll be the same reason there isn’t a covenant forge pallette :(

        • Shane Davis

          Multiplayer maps are for multiplayer gameplay. They are not subjugated towards Elite gameplay whether they are based off of Covenant architecture, nor Human architecture. They did not develop a Covenant forge palette because they are focusing mainly on UNSC themes, as well as Forerunner. 343i have COMPLETELY filled two entire discs for us. We should be grateful that we have so much content.

  • Devan Pierce

    Here is a video of a fly-through of the map. Not the best quality, but I haven’t found any other clips

  • Dan

    Sucks not to have a forunner vehicle, oh well, maybe in halo 5

    • Shane Davis

      They still have one more new vehicle to reveal. So maybe there is one. You never know.

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  • SycoRiot

    Refering to the Falcon comments, I am a huge fan of the falcon (almost as much as the warthog xP), so I have been waiting to see info/screenies/vid of it, and in on of the screenies on waypoint of campaign, I saw Falcons in the backround, so they are at least in the game, I would hope they put them in IfMu as well 😛

    • SycoRiot

      ohh and I’m excited to see how the mamoth performs, the elephant from 3 was great imo, don’t see why this one will be any different :D, Flood mode maps here I come xD

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  • GC Snooze

    Reminds me of LV-426 from Aliens.

    • heyitsme

      I was wondering why no one has mentioned all of the coincidences between the Aliens series with Halo 4, Prometheans=Prometheus, AVP Requiem = and this takes place on a planet called Requiem, Forerunners/Engineers = Engineers, also Xenomorphs were recently mentioned in the hidden bulliten text, has anyone else noticed this?

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  • Xaiver Simmons

    No there’s only gonna be three I pre-ordered the limited edition and it says that it comes with all future dlc to come

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  • heyitsme

    I thought that Frankie had said there was going to only be one remade map in Halo 4 which was Ragnarok as Vahalla

    • halo4nation

      He said there was a map that “reminded” him of a mix of waterworks/blood gulch.

      • heyitsme

        Enough said, thank you for the quotations, now if only we could ask him what in the new map reminded him of those. Only time will tell.

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  • Sasank Aramandla

    so many big maps! 343 what happened to the rumble pit love? its ok tho 3 forge maps means 3 extra maps for each gametype :D.

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