June 6, 2012

Walshy Multiplayer First Impression

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Competitive MLG player Walshy gives a great analysis of his first play-through of Halo 4 War Games (matchmaking). Thank goodness he has a great memory and clarity.

Key Points

  • Incendiary weapons are forerunner weapons (Enemy will burn apart into ash).
  • Scattershot weapon can be bounced (walls, ground, hardlight shield).
  • Hardlight shield puts player in 3rd person. Player will also move slower and cannot use their weapon. Shield can reflect shots.
  • New game type: Infinity Slayer. Kills, assists, multi-kill points and more all combine to give your team’s score. (As opposed to only kills)
  • Hitmarker icons will indicate when your bullets are hitting the enemy.
  • Promethean vision can be used to see far across map if held for full ability duration (Enemy is aware when they are pinged).
  • Sniper rifle felt very powerful, but seemed like more spacing between shots was neccessary.
  • As you gain points in a match, an ordinance drop indicator bar will fill up. When full, the player can choose a specific ordinance package.
  • Ordinance drops let you choose from weapons, and powerups.
  • Speed boost power up will increase movement and reload speed.
  • Power boost power up will increase damage given.
  • Overshield power up increases armor shield health.
  • Weapons laying on the ground have a name indicator so they can be identified at a distance.
  • Other friendlies can take your ordinance drop.
  • Isaac

    Nice job tim i really apreciate all your work i found out about your website not to long ago and its great you put up halo 4 content imediately,you are definately my main source of halo 4 info keep up the good work

    • Tim

      Thank you for the support Isaac, its fun for me to have guys like you as fans.

  • Jose

    Thanks for sharing this and keeping us up to date Tim! pretty awesome job you are doing here. I think he made a mistake though, he called it Infinite slayer and I think it is actually Infinity Slayer. Kiki Wolfkill talks about it here:

    • Tim

      Thank Jose, and good find. I’ll just update that now.

  • snakemansam

    Promethean vision sounds so over powered and this killstreak crap is so lame. Got fairly excited when i saw the campaign the other day then reading and listening to this has just brought me back down. sounds like 343 need to start balancing out this game, because at the moment it sounds like these ordinance drops are broken and could be abused easily. i hope there is a ‘good’ competitive side to this game like halo 3 had, because reach was just way too boring and easy it wasn’t even fun to play. also the ranking system needs to go back to something like 1-50 because what reach had was terrible. i’m sure a lot of people that read this will disagree, and that’s fine. everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    • Tim

      Right now the promethean does seem like it has too much range, but in the coming months this is something that can very easily be adjusted.

      As for the ordinance drop rewards, I believe these are only present in certain gametypes, but not all. I also think there needs to be a great competitive side to the game, this playstyle may be found in its own “Classic” playlist.

      I hear a lot of people saying how they want 1-50 back, but I also hear people saying how they liked Reach’s more because 1-50 promoted boosters. Personally I don’t mind either system.

      • Snakemansam

        Thanks for helping me out with that info. I still need to read up on some stuff I’ve missed, but you’re right. Either way the gameplay looks awesome and I’m still really excited for the game. Just wish it wasn’t so far away!! Thanks for all the info. You’re a life saver, keep up the good work

      • Jose

        I actually prefer the 1-50. It adds a level of competitiveness and addiction to the game. In Reach, you are going to level up eventually. Whether you get your ass kicked or whether you kick some ass. In halo 3 you HAD to win if you wanted to level up…and that, to me, makes it a lot more fun and adds to the desire of wanting to win. Makes you want to come back and level up…win as much as you can.

        Making a mix of them both though, is the ideal thing if you ask me.

      • Waffles

        i agree with ranking 1-50 promoting boosters but also the ranking up in halo 3 only happened if you win which is garbage. Back in halo 3 i got my 50 in team slayer, next game i lost but had double kills, killing frenzy a k/d of over 2 for that one game. It didnt matter if i did good because i lost, there went my 50 and each time i go back i have to explain to my team yea i lost my 50 because i couldnt do enough to carry my team and now i have to win 9 games in a row just to get it back.

    • Thisismyname

      Reach’s WAS 1-50, they were just named.

    • Isaiah Spilman

      i agree with you on this kill streak thing and yes 343 does need to balance it out this game would be alot better with Bungie in it

  • john117spartan UNSC

    very good at highlighting key points. :) thank you tim

  • Mr. Fluffy fluffingston

    The promethian vision sounds like something that can be very usfule during sniper tournaments and gametypes, but in a close quarter setting could be a little bit overwhelming since if you just want to see through 1-2 walls but instead see way farther than that, then it gets you distracted by the other enemies and background elements. I think the concept is good but i also think they need to tone it down a little.
    I also wonder if the hardlight sheild will deflect sticky grenades back at the thrower (which being thrown at the sheild at higher elevations would probably be very unlikely), and if it can withstand a rocket blast, or spartan laser discharge ( which i also think could be unlikely).
    Thanks Tim for the HUGE amount of info on the site! Hopefully this will keep me occupied until H4 comes out.

  • son i am disapoint

    ordinance drops are the death of halo multiplayer. the rich get richer while someone who is having trouble will stay behind. if someone already is kicking ass in a game with their br, then why do power weapons need to fall from the sky into their lap? this is bs, thanks 343 for killing the balance of halo

    • No one Cares

      The crappy players are the ones that need to learn.

    • Wesley Garber

      then the person has to get better at the game

    • spencer hodges

      ok, first of all, they said themselves that there will be preset classes so new players and all will be equal to those with like everything for loadouts unlocked so yeah, 343 are smarter than you think… atleast i think so…

  • infection in Hd

    i am going to get H4 for the forge, its fkin boss as shit
    and i like how it tells you how much XP or Cr untill the next lvl
    they should have a 1-50 like h3, just make that the arena…and dont let that effect you ranking, have it for bragging rights, cuz i rember H3 when i had over 5000xp but was only a 45, i was stuck in gen. for a wile until i cluched my ass off for my 50s
    but the ordanance is really busting my balls…say its 4v4 and one team all drop OS odanance and one guy uses them all, would he not be unkillable for a good 3min? i get thats teamwork but i feel im going to get fked+ i dont like useing it, if there is a playlist without it, thats what ill be on…i just hope they remover it, i didnt even like it in FF
    also the dmg up is kinda lame…say you get your 4shot down, or how ever many it takes now, if someone has that dmg up they wreck u
    promethian vision iv herd its over powered but say you pick that someone with dmg up will rape you as soon as you get to them…specialy if they have os as well
    i guess i could complain about it all…
    i just want H3 back with improved grapics >.<
    i know this is probly what some are thinking…this is being alot like CoD…nothing wrong with that…but i might just start playing CoD only, you know…i like halo, not games like halo…reach was pushing it, H4 might kill it
    Eh…they should make it where you can still be an elite, but you can costomize them as much as a spartan…
    I hope I like it…and if anyone wants to group up to start H4 as a unit, we would run the game for the first few weeks until clans were formed and we started playing against full partys my Gt is: Infection in HD(dont add if you are not preordering H4)

    • Coffin C-13

      I like the idea of the 1-50, but I also like the names in halo reach.(I think they should combined them) but if you are making a clan, count me in( gamer tag HEYMODDERcom)

    • Isaiah Spilman

      yeah i just need to get gold i dont have the money for it right now hopefully thatll change here soon

    • Mills

      Id be down for a little teamwork. Sounds fun ill join. Gt – ReSownz6

  • infection in Hd

    oh and killstreaks are stupid that just promotes camping

    • Isaiah Spilman

      yeah i realy hate the kill streaks bs i hope thats only in certain game modes

    • FPS Bred Spartan

      The * Ordnance Drops are only on infinity slayer so if you don’t want a game type that promotes camping just play regular Slayer…

  • ben

    I absolutely love a lot of what 343 are doing.

    I have already found things i really hate e.g.:

    A) Some of the new helmets are disgustingly unstylish, have no character and are just awful looking.
    I have seen the warrior helmet and i love it,
    love the soldier helmet,
    I like orbital.

    I feel like crying with embarrassment for halo they look so bad.
    Hazop & Infiltrator are disgustingly unstylish and have no personality and look nothing like helmets, Not only are they boring and un aggressive looking, but they look more like ugly alien faces or mutant heads and look depressing & un creative.
    INFILTRATOR looks like it has stupid fish eyes on the top with a huge forehead like a sperm wale and the face area looks all smashed in.

    HAZOP looks like a depressed alien or like the mask in “Scary movie” or “Scream” Not only does it look like that it looks like it has a red nose from crying from depression and needs to blow its nose. Then if u look at the top of the hazop helmet it looks like it has a stupid james dean or elvis presley hair do.
    I hope these aren’t the only helmets available.SO UPSET !!!

    B) Also, the Carnage report looks CHILDISH !!! Very disappointed in that too.

    C) while i don’t mind the Halo4 sniper rifle, The Halo reach one looks better, and i feel the halo4 one will obscure ur side to side view and get in ur way bcos its so bulky.
    D) Matt Strikers voice in HALO REACH was perfect, the way he called out your medals really hyped u up. The HALO4 voice that he puts on sounds edited and try hard and gay. Really disappointed in that.
    Reach had matt strikers voice perfect!!!

    Does anyone agree?

    • Harry Kearns

      u need to chill out halo and 343 is not gonna let you down

    • Ink

      There’s a shitload of helmets in Halo 3 and Reach I don’t like, and I don’t really care. Ugly helmets like EOD, Pilot, and Gungnir have had no impact on what I think about the game. If anything, I like having a few ugly helmets, because when other people wear them, since they look so unique, it makes for more a varied population.

  • d

    are there going to be new types of vehicles in multiplayer

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