June 21, 2012

3 Forerunner Mystery Weapons

Mystery Weapon 1

User Demoncarnotaur on Neogaf posted Forerunner weapon screenshots that he took from the E3 coverage.

Two of these weapons we recognize as the Scattershot and the Light RIfle from the Halo 4 campaign walkthrough. The other 3, although looking somewhat similar to the light rifle in many ways, are inherently different.




Light Rifle


Mystery Weapon 1

At first glance this looks just like the Light Rifle, but the embedded scope and light decals differentiate itself. To me it looks most like an Assault Rifle class weapon.


Mystery Weapon 2

With this weapon’s extreme length and mounted scope, it is fair to say this is most likely some sort of Forerunner sniper.


Mystery Weapon 3

This weapon looks to be much shorter in length, with some sort of circular barrel in the middle. My guess is that this will be a forerunner explosive weapon, possibly one that shoots an incendiary type grenade.


What do you guys think of these weapons?

  • boss boy

    the No.3 one is really wierd?

    • Haraldo Carpinetti

      It has some kind of a panel in it?

      • halo4nation

        That is actually just Master Chief’s HUD that appears on the weapon

    • Seth Allister Hansen

      The animations of the other weapons makes me think weapon #3 is in the process of assembling itself in midair.


    Wow…those actually look awesome! I can’t wait!!

  • Haraldo Carpinetti

    So it is. The Light Rifle is the Forerunner’s DMR, awesome! =D

  • Seth Allister Hansen

    No. 3 looks like it’s in mid assembly

  • Squatchmen

    I like mystery weapon #1, hopefully it acts like the Assault rifle or Storm rifle and we can add it to our custom loadouts. Additionally, I really hope the Light rifle acts more like the DMR/Carbine.

    It just makes sense so that the Scattershot is the Promethean’s version of the shotgun, and mystery weapon #2 is the sniper and I can breath a little easier

  • spencerhodges

    so…. there might actually be different type knights, most likey then also crawlers like in that one commment, thats cool!!

  • polisheagle

    i dont remember which video it was but in one of the e3 videos, one of the 343i representatives stated that the forerunner weapons actually changed to suit the user. So these could be variations of the light rifle but used by the Promethean’s

    • Atlas

      I think they just meant that each weapon changes so the user can use it. Not that the weapon changes itself, just it’s controls sort of.

  • adam

    mystery weapon 2 looks like a sniper

  • spencerhodges

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    • spencerhodges

      oops im sorry tim, lol im so stupid, i thought u ran Disqus but i was wrong sorry bout that!

      • spencer hodges

        ok ppl this is my new spencer hodges account!!

        • spencer hodges

          <—isnt it beautiful? with the spartan 4? lol

  • Halo4Ever001

    343 Said that there will be something about the new enemies class in MP that we havn’t seen.. i hope there will be something like promethean slayer(like elite slayer in reach), and that you would be able to play with them, or maybe even a new version of infected when the zombies are promethean.. about the weapons, to me it seams like this: Scattershot=Shotgun. Lightrifle=DMR. Mystery weapon #1=AR.
    Mystery weapon #2= Sniper Rifle. Mystery weapon #3=Grande Launcher

    • supa dupa01

      eeeeeeh! its gonna be weird playing as prometheans they limbs dont even attach to they bodies….and they are too serious about things at least the elites were funny even when they die

      • spencer hodges

        lol, wort,wort,wort

    • Atlas

      um… no.. they specifically said only spartans in multiplayer multiple times… Not once have they gone back on that

  • Alex Hull

    This looks so cool, can’t wait for the release!

  • Bordynoi

    On E3 there was information released about the forerunner weapons;
    They adapt to the user in a way that person can use, like humans will get a trigger on the gun ’cause they know how to use that, so the shape will also change which makes me think that the first mystery weapon is just a light rifle, but adapted

  • Matt

    Mystery weapon 1: suppressor
    Mystery weapon 2: light rifle
    Mystery weapon 3: incineration cannon

  • Matt

    sorry #2 is a binary rifle

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