June 11, 2012

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Halo 4 Bumper Jumper

Thank you to Reddit user Shieldhead for posting these layout screenshots from the Halo 4 livestreams






Bumper Jumper


Green Thumb





  • I-stomp-on-exploding-babies

    So Recon is the one to go for I guess!

    • Mike

      same here!

    • Sasquatch


      • I-stomp-on-exploding-babies

        Hey Sasquatch, Disqus is being lame and I decided to come up with an immature name like “I_stomp_on_exploding_babies”

        My real profile name is “Squatchmen”

        • Squatchmen

          Here I am!

  • Atlas

     bumper jumper needs to be fixed… Just switch LT and X… couldn’t deal with it otherwise.

    • Snakemansam

      agree! so pointless to change grenade from left trigger

    • Dezilikewhoa

      I play with bumper jumper and to solve the issue. I ordered a SCUF gaming controller with left paddle as X and right paddle as A. That way I can Sprint, Jump, use Armor Ability, throw a grenade, and melee without ever lifting my thumbs.

    • IizUandUizMe

      yeah, wtf is wrong with them. LT is armor ability? dafaq man.

    • mistah ARK

      I think the reason they did that was to allow Jetpack users to jetpack without taking their thumb off of the aiming stick. The addition of permamanent sprint messed up all of the control schemes honestly. I’m probably going to end up getting a Scruf.

  • Jason

    why would they put armor ability on left trigger for bumper jumper? makes absolutely no sense! why not just make it the same as reach? 

    • Mrmagrath

      Man, I am so happy they finally changed that. Jet pack was impossible to use with Bumper Jumper and it always made me feel like garbage when I played a level that gave jetpackers a major advantage.

      Just saying that if any of the other armour abilities, (Promethean Vision for one,) require you to move while holding a button to make use of it than having it on the left trigger makes it leaps and bounds more usable.

  • Halo4Dabest

    Eh the controls are good except the b to crouch and d pad to switch grenades other wise great work so far 343!

  • Willard_Filmore

    Recon all the way.

    • Ziad-devilhunter

      of course!!

  • Jammin

    Recon, that way it feels like Halo 3.

    • Meh

      Recon, except that having sprint and change grenade on the X and D-pad will take getting used to!

  • Snakemansam

    i can’t get over why they would change grenade to X, it makes no sense. how are you meant to aim and through a grenade. why did they ruin bumper jumper? just so noobs that spam armour abilities get it easier? so dumb. it seems like they’ve changed it to suit jet pack, which was one of the things that ruined halo reach for me and its not even in halo 4 so why put it in, so disappointing. it would be so much better if they made it so that you could choose what button on your controller did what action. 

  • Josh

    Sprint as a seperate button is gonna cause some issues :( I would play recon in reach. reload always seemed like it was in a good spot cause you couldn’t shoot and reload at the same time anyway but you can sprint and look around hence the problem with it in Recon. Sprint should go on the left stick. why can’t they just implement manual key/button bindings?

    • James Lee Miller

      Sprint and crouch should be switched… for recon!

      • tyler

        i agree immensely

  • Hxckid2

    Recon yess i love it =D

  • The7MysticxDayz

    For me, the only thing i care is the recon controls. So far, its looking nice

  • showmebutts

    Using X to sprint with Recon is going to take some time to get used to.

  • The Teselecta

    Don’t like any of them…. I’d be happy with default, if they kept crouch on left thumbstick, B was melee, sprit was LB and Armour Ability was RB.

    • Squatchmen

      well you are just gunna have to suck it up, now will ya

  • AJB2525

    Any one think that they will change bumper jumper back with enough complaints, because its goana suck otherwise.

  • tyler

    i just realized since in every game thats ever had sprint always available you have to hold it to use it. with sprint as X thats gonna be stupid cuz you cant look around when you run. anyone else understand what i’m talking about when i say this its just gonna be weird for recon users and i would rather you can toggle crouch while using X and sprint is left stick, but hey that just makes sense to me

    • SierraB293

      You don’t have to hold sprint in Halo Reach or Halo 4. So just tap X and get running! 😀

  • Corey Ellis

    i think halo 4 looks amazing i dont care what anybody says i just hope they change the controls to bumper jumper make grenade LT, and armor ability X ;but other than that its gonna be in the top! i know that much

  • custom made

    i hope that they can let us make our own button layout

  • Slevra

    i have an idea. why doesn’t 343 make a custom layout? anyone think of that????!?!?!?!!!?!

  • Scott Brandeburg

    personally i think they should just find some way to map crouch and sprint on the left thumbstick. I mean in the past when your moving and you click that thumb stick, absolutely NOTHING happens but when you are standing still, you crouch… I just think they can make it work by having you sprint when your moving and you click it and crouch when you are stationary and click it and give melee back to the B button and grenade switch to the Right Bumper

  • Hustle

    They still left green thumb all crappy.

  • Chadric

    They need to switch sprint and armor ability on Recon. Also need to have armor ability toggle or hold option. We need to tell 343

  • Noah David Rolf

    Keeping AA while making sprint a constant and a separate entity really fucked up these controls. I don’t even know where to begin with fixing the controls, there’s no way to keep functionality and be able to aim without trading off the effectiveness of one of the abilities.

  • Raxs

    Man, We need an option to be able to make our own layouts :L None of these satisfy me :L

  • Kirtis

    BumperJumper will be easy thanks 343i

  • Gamemaster Mikehawk

    why spirnt is always LS or facebuttons
    i want LB to sprint

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