May 4, 2013

All Secret Halo Waypoint Codes

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Over the past few months we’ve revealed tons of Waypoint codes that give you xp, concept art, armor, and more. Now all of that information is in one video thanks to APK. Check it out below if you think you’ve missed a code.

  • Raxs

    God damn it. I though we were gonna see some new armour for a second ):

  • Garami Gábor

    Thanx for it … whatewer :)

  • Archangel

    I hate the new regicide, the fact they took off an extraction only playlist and how there’s no sprint in lightning flag. Plus it sucks how there’s no flood update yet and how they haven’t released the preorder bonuses yet for purchase (I want deadeye sooooo badly). Plus the energy sword is a bittoo weak in griff ball and needs a boost( though it may have changed cuz I have not clearly used it) . Vehicles are pretty crap as well cuz everyone an there mother uses stickies and plasma pistols .id like the weapons to have some more weight to them because they’re too floaty (Like in cod where if use a lmg ur mobility is affected and you can clearly “feel” the difference between other guns like smgs or ars.). Oh and the Xp system? Crap. Absolute crap. Being Level 130 means nothing!!! That’s not good. Csr or things like it,whether they work or not, should be easily accessible by others. Heck we should see a good chunk of basic stats like highest kill in a game, total kills, and more with the littler things left in waypoint (with the stats already in game). they should be in our service record or barracks if you want the cod term. There’s more they should do but that’s all i can come up with on the top of my head.

    • Archangel

      Oh and ignore the spelling errors cuz I’m writing on my iPad and have big fingers so….

    • Raxs

      Yeah, i sorta agree with a lot of things your saying.

    • TwoTrout

      On Monday the Flood playlist gets 3 new maps.

      • Archangel

        Which is something they have needed for a while. Again how hard is it too add in a alpha zombie game type or heck maybe something from the community such as slender an black widow.

        • TwoTrout

          I would LOVE flood if there were no Armor Abilities! You would actually have a chance to survive! Every time I play flood I always get 8+ kills a life but it never satisfies me that I died every time.

          • Archangel

            agreed. Thrusters are too inaccurate to be used very well most of time and they make you too mobile. And humans?they dont need them.

  • anonomouys

    thank you so mush this was very helpful

  • xCAPN Knucklesx

    thankyou helped out alot i lvled up 3 times with the ones that have no requirements

  • ha

    i unlocked one code did not get xo

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