June 11, 2012

Ask 343i a Question

Halo 4 E3

BS Angel today posted on the Waypoint forums inviting the community to ask any question they desired about Halo 4. She states that they will try and answer as many of them as possible in the upcoming Halo Bulletin.

Although be warned, she goes on to say:

While you can ask anything your heart desires, we’ll be focusing on those inquiries that directly relate to what we shared at E3.

Here is your chance to get any questions that you had over what was seen at E3 clarified by 343. Ask away. Click here to post on Waypoint

  • haseo yashimora

    i asked 

    1. will there be muiltiplayer ODST armor?(big fan)2. what are you guys doing for forge? new forge world? 

    • halo4nation

      Cool, good stuff. I asked if they would include a FREE way to download theater clips onto your computer.

  • Halo4Dabest

    I asked what the 8/15 for the assault rifle unlocks means.

    • A DIRTY HOBO 59

       That wasn’t AR unlocks. It was primary weapon unlocks.

  • Halo4Dabest

    I can get up on the forums for some reason.

    • halo4nation

      Sometimes they get so much traffic that the page never loads (Or for other reasons). Happens to me as well.

  • Halo4Dabest


  • Jammin

    I asked if the ‘Halo Theme’ will return in Halo 4. I hope it does? Does anyone think it will?

  • Manny

    i asked if their bringing back some more original armor because i saw the scout helmet from halo 3 go scout helmet!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tsenz

    will there be a custom games search where players can join or host a custom game and will it be easier to make custom games because in halo reach it was annoying and very unpopular to find custom games like halo 3s games.

  • GHOST 9o5

    I wish they added the Rogue Helmet to Halo 4 (Favorite Helmet EVAR) I’m still pretty sad that they didn’t add it to the game. :(

    • GHOST 9o5

      It would mean ALOT if they added it to the game.

  • puka

    Does the controller vibrate when enemy is near on Halo 4

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