December 3, 2012

Automatic Weapon Comparison

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Have you been wondering how each of the three automatic weapons (Assault Rifle, Suppressor, Storm Rifle) stack up against one another? Then check out this helpful video to help you make your decision.

  • Jonathon West

    Great video, hated the music though.

  • Carl

    The last three medium range tests were Assault Rifle vs. Storm Rifle.

  • Oh no you didn’t


  • Gamr4Lyfe

    the assault riffle must have less kick, so it hits the targets more than the spray of bullets from the other weapons

    • Synnota

      It is, I tested around the first day on forge with the weapons, and the assault rifle is best at longer ranges because its bloom is smaller. The suppressor has more damage but the biggest bloom of sorts, and the storm rifle is between both of them 😛

  • Spencer Hodges

    that was perdy cool

  • Ivan

    storm rifle is by far my favorite new weapon that i can spawn with.

  • specter

    great vid except it doesnt help cuz i use a dmr lol. unless im in spartan ops in which case i use different weapons every time. :)

  • migz

    I don’t use any of the automatic weapons they all are useless and I don’t plan on using them 😉

    • Raxs

      I use them all the time 😀 I tell you, a class with the BR/DMR and an assault rifle/Storm rifle is a Monster! 😀

      • migz

        thanks for the advice but i rather not use those :) well the ar/storm. but sometimes when i play btb i use dmr/br.

        • Raxs

          Well fair enough (: I am a professional forger and i know exactly how these weapons evolve around maps. Now, after making my 40th forge map (Out of all the games) I completely understand what a map needs to encourage certain features (: My first halo 4 forge map (Eviction) Is brilliant fun with an automatic weapon. Precision is not excluded, yet is still dominant with a skilled and strategic player.

    • GarishGoblin

      Haha… I win almost every battle with suppressor vs DMR

      • migz

        you must play against some bad kids i win all my dmr battels agaist any automatic weapon lol unless of course i have no shields and get charged from the back :( but head to head i will win and out dmr/br a kid with an automatic weapon everytime most of the time i even turn on kids and destroy them even if im weak and they have a automatic weapon or ill ninja them if i have the chance lol

    • Moorish Unity

      Useless..wouldn’t go as far to say that. depends on the situation.

  • Roberto Sylux

    that weapons are for short range. but nobody plays in short range and for short range the boltshot works beter (even beats a shotgun), so this weapons are completly useless. good work 343, one more halo made only for dmr or br and eternal camper wars.

    • Raxs

      What the heck are you talking about!? The shotgun beats the bolt shot every time. You just have to not be an idiot with an automatic weapon and charge up to someone who has a bolt shot, just stay at medium range and they can’t hit you… and on games like oddball, regicide and certain maps automatic weapons are a must have, and they are medium range weapons, not short…. Next time, get your facts right, you obviously know nothing about halo 😀

    • Austin Axford

      I have no idea what you are talking about, I thought 343I did a great job with making every gun useful for one reason or another unlike reach were it was always completley focused on DMR when it came to mp. I have easily gotten multiple kills in a row by using the storm rifle and assault rifle but only if you know how to use them which by your comment i am guessing you dont.

  • Squatchmen

    I personally really love the Assault Rifle, I just got addicted to it after a while…. but then i switched over to the BR

  • Max117

    Well done

  • Epaine

    Fellow halo players i feel ashamed of you guys because everyone should know it is the map and gametype. Of course you (should) have your dmr/br on ragnarock on btb and depending on the gametype. It would be wise to have an automatic on gametypes such as koh or oddball and maybe even regicide on Haven. It all depends on the type and map.

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