May 9, 2012

Defining Halo 4: Inside Xbox

Halo 4 Assault Rifle


    DANG IT! I’M SO SICK OF HEARING ABOUT THE SAME NEWS JUST IN DIFFERENT WAYS! Don’t get me wrong I love all the news but I’ve heard every bit of recent Halo 4 news like 5 times from different places. So it isn’t actually new news -_-

  • Keval

    Well I guess this video is a good refresher for Halo 4. I’d pretty much recommend it to an new coming halo players. But 343 actually needs to release new info for us obsessive halo followers.

    • A DIRTY HOBO 59

      Yeah I’m glad we at least got a pic of the new crawler and watcher on the back on that toy box :)

  • alstarvirus

    skins look awesome

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