April 12, 2012

Dual-Wielding, Infinity, And More Halo 4 Updates

Halo 4 Banshee Artwork

Halo Annoucer: Jeff Steitzer

Jeff Steitzer has hands down been the best video game announcer ever since his epic voice narrated the first Halo multiplayer. He has just confirmed that he will also be in Halo 4, indicating that he just did announcer recordings a few weeks ago(Source).Whenever you start a game, betray a friend, or get a Killionaire, it has been Jeff’s voice that has been rooting you on. Watch the video below and you will instantly make the connection (About 30 sec. mark).

Halo 3 and Halo4 Comparison

No Dual-Wielding

Halo 3 Spiker Dual-Wielding

Responding to a question posted on the Neogaf forums, Frankie of 343i simply states that Halo 4 will not have dual-wielding. Not sure if this is a big deal to most of you fans, personally I think dual-wielding can be fun as long as it stays balanced. However fun, the dual-wielded needlers were always a bit over powered to remain as a legitimate game mechanic.

Halo Infinity

Instead of looking for the multiplayer menu when you tune into Halo 4, all multiplayer will be under the name Infinity. The game Informer issue highlights that Infinity represents a “quantum shift in thinking” about Halo multiplayer. This could be where we find the new Spartan Ops game type that will be replacing firefight. What else will Halo Infinity hold for the Halo community in the future?

  • Marko

    Kinda wish there was dual-wielding, but thats ok. Jeff Steitzer is a boss

  • Josh

    I don’t really mind if dual wielding is in the game or not I’m still exited for this game 😀

  • Tomi

    I very happy that there is no dual weilding ….. and i really like this website, keep up the great work

    • Tim

      Thanks Tomi

      • Tomi

        O and on this halo 4 fan page on facebook ii saw that there will be big halo news

    • Jammin

      I hate you for hating dual wielding

  • Black Rose

    Will there be the same Forge? And the option to be a Elite and a Spartan in multi-player? And is there gonna be the option to customize your Spartan/Elite in the game still? And yes I am a boy…

  • Black Rose

    I’m also hoping that we could at least dual wield the energy sword. I’ve always wanted to do that… that and be able to pick more then to be a Spartan or Elite in multiplayer and be able to choose to be another covenant alien also. For example, choosing to be a skirmish or a Hunter or a grunt.

    • Ryan Davis

      Dual wield the energy sword? Are you out of your mind? It’s overpowered as it is.

  • Anonymous

    There should have been dual wielding, at least in campaign! it was so fun! and to be honest without dual wielding I will NEVER use pistols, because other than the Halo 1 pistol, all this pistols in the other halo games have SUCKED SOOO MUTCH without dual wielding, not to mention the Halo 4 pistol is gonna be usless. Dual wielding better return in Halo 5, it’s a feature that ENHANCES THE GAME, and makes it more FUN! I am dissapointed

  • Jt

    Dual Wielding is incredibly easy to balance.. It’s been done by fans in Halo: CE, and in many other mods to games. Not to mention it’s hard to imagine you’re a spartan that can one handed shoot nearly all weapons in the UNSC and yet you can’t dual wield SMGs.

    It’s a fantastic CAMPAIGN game mechanic as well as for immersion.

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