June 5, 2012

E3 Gameplay Interview with Josh Holmes

Screen shot 2012-06-05 at 10.17.36 PM

Yes the gameplay is from the opening E3  campaign scene, but Josh Holmes provides a little more information to help clarify what Master Chief will be up against.

  • Noel

    Tim, i would like to Thank you and Appreciate what you are doing with this Website. I usually (actually NEVER) don’t use any Third party websites for my HALO news. I only stick with or Halo Waypoint (and occasionally HBO). But for the past month i have been completely relying on your source.

    You site rocks and you are Up-to-date (that’s the most important part)

    Keep up the good work….will be following you for this entire “Reclaimer Saga”

    – Dr. Noel

    • Tim

      Noel thank you so much for being such a great follower. It really does mean a lot to get such nice responses from viewers.

  • Isaac

    Did any one notice the AR has bloom

    • Noel

      yes, but up close i think its going to be Insignificant!

    • Raxs

      Yeah, but it’s tiny (: It’s good they practically took it out because nobody fired in bursts anyway, so it didn’t have much of a point (:

  • Noel

    I just noticed something…before the demo started in this video, the Main menu screen in the TV….was that HALO around that planet? (which i presume to be Requiem)

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