April 9, 2012

Frankie’s Response and Forerunner Vision?


Credit: Dominic “Count3D” Dobrzensky

After the leaked Halo 4 Game Informer issue, a large portion of the competitive Halo community went into an uproar. The controversy was caused by what people are calling “unbalanced” changes to the normal flow of Halo multiplayer (ex. sprint default, random weapon drops, no respawn penalty). In response to the push back, Frank O’Connor of 343i, also known as Frankie, said

The magazine scans were always going to come out the day after the cover debuted, that almost always happens. We can’t talk about the story in detail, because it is GI’s exclusive. I will say that some of the things that “invested, emotional” players are “raising eyebrows slightly at” are being very misinterpreted (“random” weapon spawns for example) but we will be able to clarify some of those things in due time.

Some of the other features, abilities, are also being discussed with no context (not your guys’ fault, obviously) and frankly, a video of TS would probably allay many of the especially hysterical reactions, but we’re not there yet.

We haven’t seen a single reaction we didn’t expect (apart from the Dax love story) and we will clarify a lot of this stuff 100% in the coming weeks and months. SOME of the things in here won’t be properly understood outside of a holistic experience (modes, progress, fictional setting, etc) but I am going to say one thing and leave it at that:

It feels like Halo, it does NOT feel or act like the other game(s) it’s being compared to. Again, without playing it, you can’t be blamed for jumping to certain conclusions.

Forerunner Vision

Forerunner vision will be a new ability in Halo 4 that gives players the power to see enemies through walls. As of now it is not known whether this will be a selectable armor ability at game start or a power-up that can be picked up on the map. Either way a screenshot has been found that people are claiming as a possible leak of the ability’s function. Update: The forerunner vision screenshot was actually fake and from the game Shadowrun.

  • Accept Defeat

    Hmmm….though I truly, truly want to acknowledge and support Mr. O’Connor’s statements and 343’s actions, but I cannot see how that is even remotely possible or even responsible.

    I state this because I am very much aware of my ignorance of how Halo multiplayer is meant to be played, what has changed, so because of that, I cannot support 343’s actions. Because of my ignorance, I can only accept what the now victimized hardcore says is true, so I will support them.

    That said, 343’s actions really amount to nothing more than treason; they have betrayed the trust of the core of the Halo community, and by extension, all Halo fans as well.

    They need to make dramatic, extreme, and instantaneous responses to atone for their treason, say, by removing any all changes that are anything like what they have done up to this point, and restore Halo to the way it is meant to be.

    Even then, that still will amount to only a puny speck of respect for the fanbase. The fact that they even considered, let alone implemented, such shameless changes will taint them forever.

    • jerry

      agreed bro, had high expectations for 343 but i guess it was for nothing. how could we have thought that a new company would even be able to understand true halo fans

    • caleb

      dude im a hard core halo fan i love the games but its about time halo has an update so i believe what 343 is doing is right

  • Pajette

    Umm ok the supposed “leaked” forerunner vision is actually from a game called shadowrun… Look it up. As for these new changes, it seems like 343 MIGHT be doing the right thing here.

    • rover24

      Thank you for the update on the forerunner vision

      • Pajette


  • A_Smiley_Face

    Conclusions, people jump to them.

    I don’t know why everyone always wants to shout foul when something is changed in a game. It is not YOUR game, it is not YOUR artistic vision, and it doesn’t have to take up any of your time or money if you feel like you won’t like it. So I feel like everyone needs to stop complaining and comparing it to other games. Buy it or don’t! Just stop flooding message boards with “OH GOD HALO IS GOING TO SUCK I HATE EVERYONE IMSOBUTTHURTIT’SFUNNY!”

    • Pajette

      Im rite there with you. Im constanly checkin on 343 for new info on h4 and when the leaked screens came out i was surprised how much rioting and hate it was getting. I mean some of the features are a lil iffy to me but in the end ITS A GAME. Games change over time and if you rage every time theres a change to a new game then youll only be left with a stale game nobody wants to play. Sry thaks my 2 cents (more like 50 oh well)

    • jerry

      it’s not an artistic vision if it’s been done before.. there’s no creativity like the original halo’s obviously you aren’t a real fan of halo if you think it’s okay to just give up on all the original themes and competitive nature the previous games had excluding reach and odst

      • Pajette

        Im not giving up… I merely accept that theyre gonna make it how they see fit. Of course halo ce was unique in its own way but i think what made it so special was it was one of the first fps on consoles that was actually very popular… Its kinda had not to do wats been done before when we have about 12 years of fps doing there own thing. All we can do is hope that when we finally play the campaign that it will be as immersive and stunning (storywise) as the original.

      • luke

        kid you kno nothing

    • caleb

      completely agree

  • jerry

    fuck 343 their description of the game in GI still resembles COD no matter how you look at it they should stay true to halos original feel than try to jock off another game… fuck halo it’ll never be number 1 with these changes and if they go through with them they’ll lose their fan base. 343 is just a sellout fuck them all i hope this game fails




    Jeez dude. Your such a troll. Dont knock the game before you try it.

  • Brian

    you people need to do some research jeez play more games learn what its like to play different games on all systems and every game out there wants to have more customization to your character no matter the genre that is how it is i love halo and i think the more customization the better because it allows you to feel connected to your character in some way. if you play a game expecting it to be like the previous ones you shouldnt play the next game because sequels are made to extend the story and enhance the gameplay. when i played codmw2 i liked it but when codbo came out i hated it because i wanted it to be like mw2 but then i realised more that games get sent out and they learn from there mistakes mw3 came out and survival was awesome and it was not like mw2 or bo now i love mw2 mw3 and bo because they are so different then i play haloreach and then halo 3 and they are so different but i still love them and then i think man i cant wait for black ops two and halo 4. you know why because they will be completly different and they will be better in some ways not all but no one knows how to make the perfect game because people still find flaws and they always will but they will try to fix it and that will make another flaw but the game will still be good. who would buy halo2 again if it was released a second time tomorrow with no improvments not a single improvment. for the price of a new release $60. no one because it is old and everyone wants something a little better.

  • That guy

    I must say that the changes to Halo are very interesting. Sprint as a standard ability is very cool to me (so now I can use other abilities and still chase after an enemy) but I do have to say that no spawn time will be a bummer( person can’t see you bag’em) and forerunner vision seems a little lame, honestly I think it should allow you to see through active camo and hologram with thermal vision rather then see through walls. Well I guess all we can do is hope 343 does a good job of modernizing Halo while still sticking to the original theme of both the game and game play.

    • Mr. Fluffy fluffingston

      They have to put disadvantages to the forerunner vision for balancing reasons like all the other loadouts so people don’t have an unfair advantage (like when sound is nullified and radar is scrambled when using camo)

      I’m sure forerunner vision is very useful for detecting campers holding energy swords, and very sneaky zombies during Infection gametypes.

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