October 11, 2012

GameSpot Forge Mode Demo

Screen Shot 2012-10-09 at 11.33.19 AM

Check out this Gamestop demo of some of the new features coming to Halo 4 forge.


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  • Mcnelly

    Forging won’t be frustrating anymore now that we have magnets. I actually might play around in forge now.

    • Archangel

      yeah same here-i was expecting this stuff in reach so i was really dissapointed

  • Stubs the zombie

    heh thats pretty cool although they could`ve been better at fighting eachother i know i could`ve hehehee ; )

  • dario huallpa

    SAW is badass ¡¡

    • Archangel


      • tyler

        i personally think its a slight bit over powered. but thats just me

        • Archangel

          yea so do i

  • migz

    That map kinda looks like The cage

    • Archangel

      yeah it does in a way

    • Max117

      I think that one of the first maps I am going to do in Forge will be an exact remake of The cage.

      • migz

        Best of luck on that :)

        • Max117

          yeah. Nooooooooooooooo leaked copies of halo 4 on torrents, my cousin have a moded xbox 360… Damn those gays 343 industries employees that copied the game !!!

        • Max117

          What is really gay is the fact that MT.DEW double xp and doritos double xp promotions aren’t disponible in Canada (where I live) because of some very strict laws… Perhaps going in Us and then returning with mt.dew could be doable…

          • migz

            You inspired me to do a gooddeed because I feel your pain I will give you all my extra codes. I’m sure I will well exceed the 200 match limit

          • Max117

            Really ? Because that will be so SUUUUUPPPPEEERRR-cool of your part !!!!!!!! Do it please or give me some or your codes before the 200 limits because it’s very bad for canadians and cheap for us !

          • migz

            I got you I just need to hit up wal mart lol

          • Max117

            So I will give you my Gamertag so you will be able to send me some codes trought messages on Xbox live. Thanks!

          • Max117

            I forget my Gamertag is : MAXIME brx
            So send me some MT.DEW codes please !!
            And everyone if you can send me 2 or 3 DoubleXP codes it would be super-duper-heavy-mega-ultra -really NICE of your part !!!!!

          • migz

            ok as soon as i get em ill send some your way

          • Max117

            Thanks !!

  • Alonso

    at the end when he emp him im sure the red spartens says “oww that burned!!!” anyone else?

    • Wootzy

      GOOOD. EAR. And I’d also like to say, I’m almost in tears at how beautiful this map is. I’m sitting here just imagining all the good times waiting for me. And if I’m just chillin’ and not taking a game seriously it is a PERFECT map for it. I can just zone out and look at the clouds or landscapes or waves as I’m switching back and forth between Halo and firefox.

      • Max117

        But does everyone else noticed that the river of the waterfalls of the first Beta Forge gameplay released a long time ago has been deleted for an unknow reason ? I prefered when they were in the map.

    • migz

      I hear him say comeback kill lol

    • Bob

      Shoot! Now you got me thinking it! I can ever here it the right way again!

  • MC

    Wow…really nice map. With the new features of forge I see that forge is not only easier, but has more potential.

    I’m gonna piss myself! I’m so excited for Halo 4!!!!

  • gbsn721

    Just to let you guys know, you can pre-order the Collectors Edition again at if you waited to late. Unfortunately they are charging $120 bucks, the pre-order reactivated briefly Tuesday night and I managed to get one for $99 o/.

    Forge looks so much more user friendly now. So excited

    • migz

      That’s crazy I was skeptical believing that they raised the price lol

      • gbsn721

        Yeah, not something I’ve ever seen done by a retailer, but I guess when you are the only place with pre-orders left you can get away with it.

        • migz

          Yeah GameStop doesn’t even have the limited edition up on the site anymore lol

          • gbsn721

            Yeah I originally went to my local Gamestop to reserve it but they weren’t taking them anymore. Did get the new console reserved tho.

            Walmart is probably gonna catch some grief anyway from every1 who pre-ordered the LE Controller, since they have the wrong picture up.

          • migz

            I per ordered mines on day one. origanally the standard game but went back a few weeks later when the Xbox was announced and upgraded my started halo 4 to limited edition and per ordered the Xbox lol

  • Cheli

    They severely reduced Jet Pack. Thank God.

    • Archangel

      in multiplayer it ok but it will be weak in campaign and sp-ops so they should boost it in those modes only

  • Michael Greggs


  • joseph098

    cool cool

  • Rioght

    will we be able to make custom call outs? thats my question other than that no complaints

  • Spencer Hodges

    realize that now you can hear the spartans voices (kinda), though i’d like it if you choose how it sounds kinda like firefight voice, just that you can choose its pitch.

  • Max117

    It’s me or if I would be him I would have been rapidly checked for us all the objects names that were present in this Forge map ? I mean, Look at the vehicles or the gadgets !

  • Max117

    Well the Forge seems to be better than ever before ! The magnets and all other new options are great ! And i like the fact that they re-designed the skins and textures of the forerunner structures of Halo Reach !

  • GC Snooze

    Anyone want to remake Highground on Erosion?

    • Silentk

      Wow man great idea! I could help after the first couple weeks, once I’m settled into the game.
      GT – False Freedom

  • TrueGaminAssociation

    Hello people! i would like to let everyone here know, that me and a friend have started a facebook page called TrueGaminAssociation, we have created it because we would like an audience to get involved with the discussion about up coming games and consoles, while talking about different things in general. (involving gaming) so please like the page and tell us what you would like us to talk about and what information you want us to find. thanks. Here is the link for the page

  • yuxvon12

    hey, im making a youtube series “Halo 4ge” (halo forge) And i need a cohost. anyone interested???

    • Bob

      Well, I’m all ears. (Clever name by the way). I make a few competitive maps myself, send me your email and we can talk about this.

    • Bob

      By the way, GT: ElectronicCurse

  • Nocte

    I love that snap and magnet feature, I won’t have weird contours that don’t line up anymore.

  • Bob

    There’s two energy swords on that map … Out of all my years of forging….

  • alex

    why dont i have any damn of buidling options inn forrge world!?

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