June 29, 2012

Halo 4 Armor Comparison

Halo Reach Gungnir

Halo 4 Gungnir


Halo 3 Recon

Halo Reach Recon


Halo 4 Recon








Halo 3 Scout

Halo Reach Scout


Halo 4 Scout








Halo 4 Throwback Suggestions









Halo Reach EVA








Halo 3 Hayabusa








Helmet Discussion

So what does everyone think of the new Halo 4 Helmet designs compared to pervious Halo’s? Full Halo 4 List here

You can discuss the designs on the forum and let us know what other armor you would like to see back.

Click here to discus on thread


  • Christian A

    Ok the Recon helmet looks pretty horrific. Bring back the H3 recon! For the love of god please!

    • Squatchmen

      Calm down, they are all shot in a crappy way, low resolution; everything.

      Wait for the game to be released and then start blabbering away

      • spencer hodges

        ok i learned my lesson about ppls oppinions, but yea i agree, and also there will probably be better graphics by the time the game comes out, so if i were you wait and see.

    • Raxs

      No? The whole point is that if you like the halo 3 one is that you go back a play halo 3 -.- Idiot.

  • Cbozo295

    They all look horrific after seeing the full list. That is one thing I don’t like.

  • jon

    Damn, Reach ones sure do look the best.

  • Halo4Dabest

    Almost all the Halo 4 helmets look terrible hopefully they look better at launch.

  • Ekans

    Look horrible. Not the resolution but the design of them. Recon in halo 3/reach looks so much better

    • Raxs

      Go Play halo 3 then? That’s the whole point.

  • Lincoln

    We have already seen the Orbital helmet which is basically the EVA and we’ve seen a screenshot of a Spartan IV in campaign wearing a Mjolnir Mark VI-like helmet

  • Archivald

    My God the Halo 4 helmets look terrible. I liked Reach the best in terms of armory, it seemed the most sci-fi and the most fitting for Halo. Halo 4 looks like some atrocious fan-art.

    • Raxs

      *Sigh* Just another child who doesn’t understand the dynamic of gaming.

      • NonsenseIntended87

        *sigh* Another child-like suckup who places himself above others who’s opinions differ from him. Seriously, chill out. People gave their honest opinions on the future of what they love and you bash them for it? Is this what kids think is cool these days? Being an ass to others who voice their thoughts on something they love? Raxs, I know you’re better than this. Sure, I fap it out to the new Recon, but I don’t defecate on those who dislike it.
        Calling him a child doesn’t make you seem any more mature. He’s a Halo fan who’s concerned about something he’s grown to love from previous iterations of the franchise. Chill out and let him see for himself what he likes and dislikes when Halo 4 releases. It’s wasted effort converting someone to your point of view, especially when his view is strong. Let’s enjoy Halo 4 without the nonsensical hatred, hmm?

        • Raxs

          Nooo? Earlier he was posting “Why don’t 343 just bring back the old halo 3 helmets! 343 are fags” From that he obviously doesn’t understand the dynamic of gaming, what is the point of making a whole new game just to have the same content in it? The whole idea is that if you want old customization features you go back and play the old games! So don’t be a dick a post offensive comments based on the insufficient knowledge of the whole situation. This guy has been constantly stalking the site changing his name and posting negative comments about 343. Tim had to follow him around trying to block him. Next time make sure you actually know the story instead of just blurting out crap at me… ‘Some people’.

          • NonsenseIntended87

            Okay, suppose he did something like that in the past. First of all, who the fuck gave you the god-like power to know whether it’s the same guy and not some other fan who thought it’d be safe to voice their opinion? They’re anon accounts with similar opinions to many of users with actual verified accounts on Halo Waypoint. So you can eat your own words. And even if he did all that in the past, he obviously wasn’t saying anything inappropriate here, so you just spat a load of shit at him over some half-assed grudge that took place at another time, another place. I mean really, you posted words like “idiot” and “child” as a reply to “I don’t like the armor”. You don’t need a diploma to tell that’s unneccesary degrading.
            C’mon. You expect me to believe that horseshit? You went to each constructive comment and degraded every one of them. It makes no difference on what “he” did in the past, because he wasn’t the one in the wrong. He was the better person when he put all of that negativity behind him. You came at him out of nowhere. No matter how defensive you get, your piss-poor excuses are but one of many you can be discredited for in this paticular situation. You could’ve been the better person, but you continue to shower me with non-constructive excuses. Story or not, your history with him wouldn’t matter anyway because your saying that what he was sayng is idiotic. It’s not.
            Oh yeah, I’m the dick, right? Dissapointing that I have to argue with another wiseass with malfunctioned logic. Do I have to hold your hand through preschool for you to develop the mental capacity to withstand something as advanced as common sense? Here’s a recap for you. You went on a bunch of comments with, again, CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. You posted ON THOSE COMMENTS your opinion-supressing bullshit as a reply to THOSE SPECIFIC COMMENTS. You follow? Other people reading those comments WILL associate your horrible replies to those comments. If I’m gonna play teacher, I’d might as well give you homework. Look up “morality”. See if you find “dick” associated with the word.
            It’s a shame. Here I thought you were better than this. Surprisingly, I was the one who had to stoop to your level here, but at least I had the courtesy to tell you to chill out in my last comment before I decided to serve you a tall glass of shut the fuck up cold. That’s what seperates you and I.
            PS, 343i endorses fan feedback. Suck it.

          • Raxs

            I’m not even going to read your whole comment, but i can still clearly still you are angry and disturbed by this whole situation. Yes, i am fully aware this is the same person, it is registered as an actual disqus account not a guest name.

            Frankly, your whole attempt to verbally attack me is a waste of time. I’m not interested in having a lengthy argument. Seriously, what did i do? i said someone didn’t understand the dynamic of gaming witch is blatantly true, then you get all over my back with an offense. Then i simply countered what you said, now this whole thing is beginning to envelop into an argument, i don’t have the time to deal with people like you constantly trying to argue with me all the time…

  • Ziorge

    I love the hayanusa armor i hope they put it in halo 4 but right now halo 4 helmets are a major throwback. What a disappointment

  • Ziorge

    Honestly they need to stick with halo 3 and reach armor this is horrible.

    • Raxs

      No? The whole point is that if you like the halo 3 ones you go back and play halo 3 -.- Genius. If they don’t change then is there even a point in making a new game?

  • Ziorge

    Also the halo 4 recon looks the worst. It almost looks like its upside down or something.

  • Jameal Goyau

    HAlo 4 needs to come out earlier

    • Individualality

      All of the Halo’s (idk bout halo wars/anniversary/odst)The main Halo’s have always come out on November 6th.

  • spencer hodges

    i honestly dont see whats wrong with them but its probably because i really dont care,i guess it looks good/bad but i can tell 343 are trying atleast, but they might make like attachments like in halo reach which i kinda hope they do. we dont even really know soo much on the armor yet.

    • Raxs

      You’re right. There is nothing one with them. Everyone is just acting like a bunch of spoiled children who think they know better.

  • xKrunchbyteX

    They quite honestly look pretty awful… As much as I hate to say that. I thought the original Spartan IV helmet looked ugly and bulky, but even it looks better than these IMO. They need to fix this stuff up. Hopefully they will.

    Edit πŸ˜€
    I do have to say though, I like the Gungnir concept. Actually, all of the arts for the armor pieces look great.

  • hhh

    The helmets look like trash if you haven’t noticed halo 3 and halo reach helmets are the best from what i can see

    • Raxs

      Well go play Halo 3 and reach then Genius -.-

  • Andrew

    The main thing i hate about next halo is that infra-crap vision,the sniper weapon model and the e3 maps were tiny and with no vehicles on them.this is MY opinion ! i want to hear you opinion about what i just said.Have a nice day :)

  • Block head

    Bring back the Rogue helmet!!!

  • Mr. Fluffy fluffingston

    I actually like the new helmets better than the old ones. The new Recon helmet dosent look that different from the H3 version except that it has a different color scheme

  • james

    i personally think that they should bring back hayabusa with a more…futuristic look and give the fans what they want because i thought alot of people were expecting hayabusa in reach but the didnt and ALOT of people were disapointed-james trent

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