July 14, 2012

Halo 4 at Comic Con 2012


Comic Con Fiction Panel

Leaked Motion Capture Cutscreen [Spoilers?]

Longbow Gameplay [Over-the-shoulder]


Thanks to the Halo Council for posting these notes that were taken during the Halo 4 panel at Comic Con (subject to change). I’ll post the video here once it is uploaded to Youtube.

  • Halo trailer premiering in theaters July 29th.
  • Titled “Creating Halo 4″ , and it’s new.
  • RPG Approach to Mp experience
  • Customize to fit styles
  • get max level cap- reenlist into specializations (sniper, gunner etc)
  • 10 lvl progressions
  • unlock exclusive armor mods, emblems, early access via special edition
  • Classic modes altered
  • Regicide has king
  • Mode specific assassinations.
  • CTF: Knock player down, stab flag through head
  • Oddball: Uppercut with ball
  • Toss the Oddball to teammates
  • Player disintegrates midair afterwards with these.
  • Spartan Ops starts November 6th. 50 Missions.
  • You can use the pistol while carrying the flag now in ctf.
  • Visual Design working on limited edition inspired by USNC Infinity and the Forerunner tech associated with it is, translucent.
  • Working with matching limited edition wireless headset with USNC controller and matching triton headset
  • Definite possibility for remade maps “at least once”, none on launch.

New Halo 4 Controller

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  • Jon

    It is super interesting to see that cinematic, perhaps some in fighting with in the UNSC. Chief may have some tough decision’s to make in halo 4, and him going rouge seems potentially very interesting. The books have been leading ONI and the UNSC as quite unethical and somewhat evil in a lot of cases for a while, maybe this time Chief and Cortana will have to do what is necessary with out them. I also see them brass trying to unhook Cortana for “rampancy” being something that Chief will not allow to happen.

    • halo4nation

      Yep I think that will be one of the biggest struggles for chief, trying to protect Cotana


    Wait what?! “Halo trailer premiering in theaters July 29th.” As in a Halo movie trailer?!

    • halo4nation

      No I believe it is a making of Halo 4(the game) in theaters

      • A DIRTY HOBO 59

        So a trailer for a “making of” video?

        • halo4nation

          Thats what it sounds like, but that is not confirmed

  • MegaPrime1007

    To be honest, all of the info, gameplay, and videos have been surrounding multiplayer and Spartan Ops. They haven’t released any campaign videos since E3. I loved the gameplay demo we got at E3 and the teaser at the end, but I think it’s time they sent out a full trailer of the campaign. They don’t have to reveal the ancient enemy (I hope they keep it a secret) but they can at least reveal a trailer with clips of the game and a simple “If we let ‘him’ (referring to ‘him’ in cutscene above) out, the universe will blow up” or something like that, lol. The trailer could show a flash back of Halo 1-3, then Chief in the FUD in space, and briefly show the sequence of the landing on Requiem. Then the crash landing of Infinity, and then the discovery of the Prometheans. Then maybe a flash of Chief’s encounter of the enemy (possibly Didact) but not reveal the enemy. And then show a shortened version of the cutscene above, then full out action with a mix of the Halo theme and Prelude by Paul Jebanasam. I don’t know but give us something! I know 343i wants to keep the campaign a surprise, but it’s becoming more than something to anticipate. At least release a small trailer that just blows away fans, but doesn’t reveal anything major. Everything they release is of multiplayer and Spartan Ops. I’m a huge fan of the campaign (the reason I love Halo for what it is) and I get so annoyed when I learn that new info released is of multiplayer or Spartan Ops. Multiplayer and Spartan Ops are all really awesome (and isn’t copying Call of Duty in anyway despite what haters say) but I’m (along with many other Halo fans) highly interested in the campaign. Some fans say “leave the campaign be” but keeping the campaign a secret will not anticipate anyone at all. A trailer that leaves us jaw dropping for months to its release, (but again does not reveal anything major) will be great! That’s all I really want. The campaign seems fantastic, but I just want to see more of it instead of hearing more about it. The demo was great but it only revealed what many guessed (Prometheans, Infinity meeting up with Chief) and the teaser was great but short. Everything looks awesome, just too much multiplayer and not enough campaign. I thought they’d release a new campaign trailer on Saturday at Comic Con but no word has spread about it. The FUD series looks great too, but doesn’t show any in-game campaign footage (of course not). So yeah that’s my opinion. I’m dying for a campaign trailer (and the live action trailer doesn’t count either). Or atleast another campaign teaser like the one we got at the end of the E3 demo. To end my comment, I’m kinda disappointed that they didn’t release a campaign trailer or new campaign teaser or campaign footage or campaign gameplay at Comic Con. Oh well. I’m still happy with everything 343i are doing! :)

    Also, it’ll be great too see a Halo 4 trailer in theaters. :)

    • halo4nation

      Thanks for the in depth post, I don’t think they will show a full length campaign trailer until about a month until release. We will most likely see much more info and tidbits about the campaign, but I think they will want to keep it a big surprise.

  • Squatchmen

    Can’t believe the changes they are doing, I really like how you can now take out the pistol and defend yourself while carrying the flag and how players may pass the oddball. Whoa – lots of info in this article
    Secondly, I might have to get that special Halo 4 controller when it comes out

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