March 31, 2012

Halo 4 DMR Confirmed

Halo Reach DMR

Yesterday during a Halo Sparkast, whether intentional or not, the DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) was confirmed to be in Halo 4.

Sparkast 11: DMR discussion starts at 26 min


Not much was revealed, but the host was heard saying that DMR shots had to be controlled, hinting at the return of a single-shot rifle. The DMR was introduced as the medium range rifle and a replacement to the Battle Rifle in Halo Reach. It looks like in Halo 4 there will be at least two UNSC medium range rifles (Covenant rifles unknown), seeing as the battle rifle has also been confirmed. Many people get scared that the two weapons may be too similar to one another, but as someone who enjoys both rifles I believe that the DMR will be a great addition.

Halo 3 Bubble Shield

Bubble Shield

Another confirmation from the podcast was that the bubble shield will not be coming back. In Halo 3 the bubble shield was a portable, spherical shield that could be thrown down in order to provide a temporary forcefield against any weapon projectiles. The shield came back in Reach as an armor ability, but not in its full glory.

Are you guys happy about these announcements? Let me know in the comments below.


  • Rhys

    I think having two precision weppons would be good to widen the overall range of weppens, even though i still thing they shouldn’t of taken the SMG out of the game. also didn’t really need to know about bubble sheild, and also in reach it was a drop sheild, and could be destroyed only because it healed you when inside.

    • rover24

      Yes, but it Reach it was a similar variation to the Halo 3 shield

      • Rhys

        Im not saying it wasnt, im only stating the reson it was de-powered in the amount of damage it could withstand

        • rover24

          Yea good doesn’t even seem to be a multiplayer option anymore for Reach

    • Squatchmen

      I’m kind of peeved that the SMG is gone because that would have been an awesome secondary weapon to buy with the Spartan points as with the Pistol, for example having this set- BTW I hate load-outs that why I said set. On with the show:

      Primary weapon – Battle Rifle or Assault rifle
      Secondary weapon – SMG or Pistol
      Grenade type – Plasma
      Ability – Invisibility
      Modification – Forerunner vision

  • Shane


  • Shane

    bring back sparkcast

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