March 20, 2012

Halo 4 First Look: Behind the Scenes


An inside look at the all new experience of Halo 4 in the offices of 343 Industries. New spartans, new weapons, and revamped graphics are just the tip of the iceberg of what is to come.


  • Ryan

    I have been playing Halo ever sense Halo 3. I loved that game and I still do today, their is a few things I would appreciate to bring back to Halo 4 if you don’t mind saying. In Halo Reach you could play Firefight and get to a inheritor “Easy.” In Halo 4 I think it would be better to bring back the Ranking System for Halo 3. To me getting a 50 was the greatest accomplishment I could ever achieve. So if you would please and not coming from just me, but from the entire world.
    – Prosteri

    • Connor

      Wha… I’ve been playin Firefight for nearly…. Since Halo Reach came out and haven’t even reached Warrant Officer Rank 3! No Fair!

      • Max117

        Were you playing solo firefight, or Matchmaking multiplayer firefight ??!! Because if you played the one that doesn’t need an internet connection, you need to know that this version, (if I remember well) wasn’t giving players any credits!!! Only the matchmaking one dude!

        • Shane

          lol, your an oldie

          • Max117

            Yep. One of the Sgt. Johnson vets of this place.

  • Connor

    My first game was Halo: Combat Evolved, at age…hmmm… 3. Yeah, I was a 3 year old playing Halo. I was 3 when Halo came out and now I’m 13 turnin’ 14. Whew, I’m getting old. XD. Anyway, I was a 3 year old Alien Death machine. My favorite Halo Game? Don’t have one. I love Halo Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo ODST, Halo War, Halo Reach. I’m hoping this game comes out close to May so I can get it for my B-day. Whoop Whoop. Boys rule. If you want to talk to me more follow me on Facebook.

    • Mr. Fluffy fluffingston

      I remember when i got my first xbox 360 the first game i wanted was Halo 3, and i was so frickin excited when i got it. just couldnt stop playin it lol

      • Shane

        lol, your an oldie!

  • Jeremy Lee Abels

    assassinations are my fav. i love the rush i get from playing, ive watched about all the sneak peaks everything looks good but 1 thing co-op campaign, will their be one? thiers not a single halo game i haven’t played and beat with my brother -_- with no co-op i will be sad but Halo 4 it looks amazing im glad theirs a 4th >:D needs to come out so i can Poo on Noobs And get whatever the highest rank their is i love that you kinda incorporated a CODMW kinda theme it brings a sense of actual warfare i love all aspects of the game.. Boosting and De-rankers pissed me off dont let it happen please… other then that keep up the great work

    • Mr. Fluffy fluffingston

      There will probablly be co-op. if not, then you got spartan ops (wich is co-op)

    • Raxs_Slayer

      I agree, but please never compare halo with CoD -.- they are nothing alike.

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