April 5, 2012

Halo 4 Game Informer Cover

Halo 4 GameInformer Front and Back Cover

Well it looks like our speculation was correct; today, GameInformer revealed the Master Chief cover for the upcoming May issue. The photo consists of a headshot portrait of the Halo 4 Master Chief in his updated armor (Artwork).

GamerInformer writes:

This 14-page cover story is stuffed full of details on the new game, including information on where the story is going, hands-on impressions of multiplayer, and intel on the surprising new approach governing every aspect of Halo’s multiplayer experience.

GameInformer went on to say 343i gave them a bunch of in-game screenshots and concept art that reveals new locations within the Halo Universe. Looks like we will have to hold out until May to get the largest dose of our Halo 4 news. Link to full GameInformer article here


Halo 4 Network Test

While some employees at 343i we preparing GameInformer on game details for the new issue, others were working on Halo 4 network tests.

A network test is a test we do on the game with people outside the studio. In this case, those people were fellow Microsoft employees. One of the benefits of being a part of a company with thousands of people globally is doing our alpha-testing internally to test out various network situations—latency, the effects of Internet connections going down, and all the things that can happen when people have network connections in the real world.

Halo 4 Assault Rifle from Game Informer

These tests bring back tons of information dealing with the technical sides of online connections to make sure everything is running smoothly.

343i also announced that they are testing weapon balance within multiplayer. To do so they took six weapons, two maps, and one game type to run practice games on the game mechanics. They are then able to compile all of this weapon data to see how different weapons worked in different situations. From here they can determine what weapons are better or worse and tweak accordingly.

Click here to read the full bulletin


Halo 4 May GameInformer Cover


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