July 31, 2012

Halo 4 Limited Edition Images


For those of you who plan on, or have already pre-ordered the Limited Edition of Halo 4, here are new images of what to expect. Source: Gameranx

What’s Included

• Halo 4 game in steel-book case

• Free access to War Games Map packs (9 DLC maps when they are released)

• Forward Unto Dawn Live Action Series access

• Early access to six specializations in War Games Multiplayer

• UNSC Infinity briefing packet

• Unique in-game armor and assault rifle skin

• Xbox live avatar armor and prop


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  • FPS Bred Spartan

    I am so happy I pre ordered it 😀

    • Chauncey Clark

      Yeah, me too! I also pre-ordered the limited edition controller.

      • FPS Bred Spartan

        Lucky :(

  • An Awesome Spartan

    I pre ordered the Limited Edition but sadly could not afford the Xbox 360 Halo 4 Console Edition. But I am considering the controller!
    Halo 4 the win(see what I did there) =)

    • Kyle Radomski

      I Do see 😉

      As like you, Im only have the Limited Edition on Pre order
      I was wondering about the skins they show
      It shows the Pulse and the other one. Does this mean if you order from Microsoft you get an extra pulse skin? Or are the skins and emblems shown are place holders?

  • spencer hodges

    i wonder what the assault rifle skin looks like

  • Zeke H

    I’m so excited to pick this up! Really wondering what the LE Skins will be! Also I’m saving up for the Halo 4 UNSC Controller! Its sick!!!!!

    • FPS Bred Spartan

      The skins are Raptor and Pulse

  • Zachary Michael Kaplan

    i am ready to play

  • Jonathon West

    Seems like a lot of paper.

    • Huragokz

      I like paper.

  • Jdino188

    Did they change the design of the outer cover from this photo or is it just a different angle

    • rwyrwr

      different angle

  • Squatchmen

    I absolutely can’t wait to get my gorilla hands on this game! I’m gunna try and get the UNSC controller at that too

  • Dave Carmon

    Got this, two controllers, and the 360 console on pre-order. November 6th is so far away!

  • spencer hodges

    Man, I’m lucky enough that my dad pre ordered regular edition, but this sounds great! (can’t wait to get my exclusive spider/web skin from amazon!)

    • Cole

      I pre ordered limited from amazon also. I’m gonna be spider-man!

      • spencer hodges

        lolz, im not gonna be spiderman but ima just be sum random colors, stick to the wall and be like: U SAY U NO LIKE SPIDERS?

  • max

    dose halo 4 have two cds like halo odst

    • Gawdofgaming

      Ya if you read through on the link there’s campagin on multiplayer, prob cause so much ontent 😀

      • max

        very nice

  • Yo

    Mann, why does Halo 4 have to be released just after I go to uni…I’ll never have any time to play it until next summer probably when I’ll pick it up.
    Wish they made this before Reach…Reach was a waste of a Halo, I lost interest in it after a month or two after playing Halo 1 PC and Halo 3 extensively for years (didn’t have an Xbox so didn’t play a lot of Halo 2).

    • PackHunter117

      You basterd Reach was the best. Other than Halo 3.

      • FPS Bred Spartan

        Bull crap!

      • Cole

        Why? Because “jetttpaxx r eppicc noob!” It’s the worst one yet that doesn’t require any skill whatsoever.

  • zohaib alvi

    I pre ordered it!!! And does anyone know how long its been since the Chief and Cortana crashed and the U.N.S.C Infinity crashed?

    • Gawdofgaming

      4 yrs

  • SilentK

    So, whats on the second disk? Is that the briefing packet?

    • Sierra 777

      I believe that its Forward Until Dawn episode 1-5 I believe.

  • Matt

    This proves halo 4 is a two disk game. One for multiplayer since in takes up 8gb and the other for campaign

    • Kyle Legere

      Not really halo 3 limited edition also had 2 disks
      One disk was the game
      the other was a bonus disc about how the game was made and stuff.

  • biggerrrkidd

    can i get this seperate. if can,how much would it cost

  • t

    weres the assault rifle skin? 343 should really show a picture of weapon skins besides the battle rifle artic skin.

  • spartan 117

    i want it to be november 6 now

  • Jose

    so it means we will get those 2 skins in the limited edition?

  • That halo guy

    Looks awesome! Getting it this christmas.

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