June 24, 2012

Halo 4 Toys

Warthog with Chief

Jada Toys released photos of the new Halo 4 themed figure models. Warthogs, Banshees, Ghosts, and more are all being made available for purchase this upcoming August. Although I am unsure whether or not the hornets are from Halo 4, or just Halo 3.

  • Isaac

    Hornets are from halo3 read it on halo waypoint

  • Ben

    Does this mean the Hornet is confined to be in halo 4?!?

    • halo4nation

      No, these are Halo 3 hornets. But that doesnt mean H4 wont have any.

  • POW Stealth

    Did Halo 3 have the Arctic Hornet?

    • Mr. Fluffy fluffingston

      I believe there was an arctic hornet on one of the halo 3 maps, ill have to look through the maps to make sure though

  • like a boss

    yessssss the hornetttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!

  • like a boss

    wait it could be halo 3??? :(((((((

    • spencer hodges

      hornets wise yes but everything else is halo 4 cause it has the new looking characters and stuff.

  • Squatchmen

    I’m impressed, these look very, very good – better than McFarlane toys.

    Except for maybe the grunts, spartan and marine figures…. I do like the vehicles mostly

    • Noel Brijesh Guru

      true…the vehicles are top notch. but the figures are kinda like LEGOs

      • spencer hodges

        yea same here, but spartans look like doodoo on a stick…. 0_0

        • Noel Brijesh Guru


  • Noel Brijesh Guru


    -edit- Whoa did that hood just opened in that Warthog? NEED IT NOW!!

    *Tries to grab it from the screen*

    • spencer hodges

      lol!, man i gotta tell ya does anyone else think that the details on the action figures arent as good as mcflarane figures? because the spartans on the mongoose look funny, and i believe the driver is wearing an infiltrator helmet, but yea im with squatchmen and noel, the vehicles look way better than mcflarane, except for the spartans and etc

      • Noel Brijesh Guru

        yeap you are right!

  • Noel Brijesh Guru

    Hey guys check out the latest Preorder Chart in Usa!

    Guess who has the THRONE. That is an Amazing number…and it still get’s better. Add both the Xbox and Ps3 orders for BO2…lol our Cheif nails it!

    • Noel Brijesh Guru

      ^^^ might not be accurate but it really gives a rough idea…I just think Halo 4 might need just one more gentle push before Novem 6. I know FUD series in October will be a big boost, but now and until October looks too Dry…

  • spencer hodges

    see this is the picture it has the 3 falcons in the top left next to MC,s helmet and the infinity

    • Noel Brijesh Guru

      yeap, its clearly a Falcon! My bad

      • spencer hodges

        no its ok i was just looking for the hornets in the pic but i didnt see any then i saw but realized it was more helicopter looking with the propellers

  • John nunez

    I can’t wait for the game! and the first thing I will play will definitely be the campaign!

  • Halo4Dabest

    The vehicles look cool but spartans and grunts definetely need some reworking or more effort to be put in.

  • Mr. Fluffy fluffingston

    the grunt and elite look like toys from mcdonalds

    • spencer hodges

      lol ikr but i went to, (mcflaranes site) and im pretty sure it said that they’re gonna still be working with halo franchise to make more of the best action/collection figures. but yea… the spartans still look like doodoo on a stick

      • Mr. Fluffy fluffingston

        Mcdonald graded crap lol

        • captaincaliflour

          How big are they supposed to be? If they’re only like 3.5 inches I could excuse it…but if they’re supposed to be the same size as mcfarlane it begs the question wtf was going thru their minds when they agreed to these prototypes???

    • john doeson

      the diecast vehicles are around 2″-10″ long, the grunt is bigger than most of these vehicles, plus the figures are 2″ tall

  • miggy

    I saw these at SDCC12. The figures are around 2″

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