May 3, 2012

Halo Bulletin 5.2.12

NFL Halo 4 Playtest

This week’s bulletin goes over the busy times at 343i for the past week. From the announcement of the new live-action series, to playtesting with NFL and MLG players, Halo 4 is always growing.

Check out the full bulletin here

NFL Halo 4 Playtest


Frankie also assures that they are building the game for all kinds of players. From competitive, to casual, to tricksters, Halo 4 will have a playstyle for everyone.  On the topic of custom loadouts for multiplayer, they mentioned that players will be able to adjust what their loadout will be during the in-game pause menu. These loadouts will allow you to customize what type of weapon you want to spawn with as well as the armor ability of your choice.

Also on the topic of multiplayer, Frankie said there is a great variety of maps that have a good breakup in size and game modes. One map in particular he talks about as feeling like a mix between the maps Blood Gulch and Waterworks.

One map in particular gave me a really excellent vibe – a mix of my favorite aspects of Blood Gulch and Waterworks. Don’t just mash those ideas up in your head to imagine the map, because that won’t really get you there. But you’ll know what I mean when you play it. You’d be amazed how much fun it is just to tool around empty levels imagining future encounters, but it’s obviously a lot more fun to hammer through these in playtests.


Blood Gulch Map

Waterworks Map

  • ryan

    Cant wait for this game! so much good news!

    • Squatchmen

      Good times all around!

      Especially for Halo

  • Karmen

    Looking sick, cant wait for more map information and pictures

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