May 25, 2012

Halo Bulletin 5.25.12 (Railgun Specs)

Master Chieff with Railgun

This weeks Halo Bulletin focused primarily on helping us get to know the new Railgun a little bit better.

Its full name is the ARC-920 Railgun and requires it be charged before firing, similar to the Spartan Laser except in about half the time. Also this weapon will not be scope-able/zoomable.

BS Angel goes on to say..

The Railgun offers more of a static experience where the corrections you’re making, whether someone is shooting you or not, are going to be the same. If you move left, the reticle is going to stay to the left. If you move right, the reticle is going to stay to the right. Ultimately, it lets you muscle your way through taking fire, allowing you to be clutch with a one-hit kill weapon.

The Railgun fires instantaneously with no lag time for it to reach its target unlike a rocket which may take a few seconds to travel somewhere.

As far as the force it creates..

 When its projectile hits a vehicle, it has the potential to send it flying, rolling, or perhaps even off a cliff because of the kinetic energy (similar to repeatedly hitting a Warthog with a Brute Shot).

Finally BS Angel wanted to make the point clear that these Railgun weapon specs are subject to change by the time launch day comes around. So do not be surprised if the weapon is not exactly as described in the bulletin.

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  • Snakemansam

    Sounds alright. Just hoping its not op

    • Squatchmen

      The weapon sounds pretty cool, like a hybrid Brute-Shot and Spartan Laser.

      @Snakemansam – What do you mean about “op”, is that a word, can you type it out, I suck at text language

      • Tim

        OP means Over Powered. AKA too strong of a weapon.

  • haseo yashimora


  • halo3god4eva

    It means over powered. If it is op life as we know it may flip upside down

  • Snakemansam

    Yeah it means over powered. I still think it sounds like a good weapon by the way

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