August 30, 2012

Halo Bulletin 8.29.12 (Controller Layouts)


This is an excerpt from the the Halo Bulletin, read the full story here.

Halo 4 Button Layouts

While we’re going to be releasing a decent amount of news at PAX, we didn’t want to leave you hanging this week. So, to satisfy that craving for Halo 4-related information, today we offer you the various button layouts that will soon be at your fingertips.

Considering the importance of players getting attached to particular layouts (such as Bumper Jumper and Recon), we’ve been very careful with the control scheme design process. Adding something like Sprint, which is equally as important as other actions, has been challenging because it’s competing with the stick-click input typically used for crouching and zooming.

We’ve tried to stay true to the classic presets you’ve become accustomed to throughout the years. For instance, an important part of Bumper Jumper is being able to jump and melee at the same time while moving and aiming, so we’ve left that intact. We initially experimented with a button swap and brought in some MLG players to test it. After observing the difficulty they had with a modified version of clawing, we had to think about what’s more important, using an Armor Ability or throwing a grenade? Ultimately we decided to leave Bumper Jumper with “Throw Grenade” on the left trigger and “Use Armor Ability” on the “X” button.

Between bringing back all the Reach button layouts and adding a new one (which is called Fishstick and will be beneficial to those coming from other FPS games), we’re confident you’ll be able to jump right in and be comfortable with the controls. In the whole scheme of things (see what I did there?), the button layout you use will depend on your play style and favorite game modes.

Halo 4 features the following button layouts:

New Map Teaser

At the bottom of the bulletin, BS Angel left us with this blurry image of what I am guessing is a multiplayer map. We will most likely find out more about it this weekend at PAX.

  • Jake

    On the Map teaser image on the bottom left of it, there seems to be a warthog!

    • kn3vil

      And mountains!

      • James Carne

        And grass!

    • Halo 4 Infinity

      Or it could be the new vehicle we didnt see yet.

  • Nipple Viking

    Inb4 Spencer Hodges. Some words of advice: You’re allowed input, but not on every single article, multiple times, daily. Nipple Viking out!

  • Nipple Viking

    Inb4 Spencer Hodges. Seriously, a few words of advice: You’re allowed input, but not on every article, several times, daily. Nipple Viking out!

  • James Cornerstone Cunningham

    Agreed with Nipple viking, Something thats annoying at the least and spam at the worst. Also the teaser image kinda looks like it could be a remake of highground.

  • matt

    hey if you look behind the control options ,you can see a desert of some kind….could that be a forge map O_O

    • spartan-089

      yea because there is nothing but sand, so you can start from scratch, and maybe alter the landscape?

      • whatsyourname

        yeah :) i hope it is but the odds appear to be leaning towards campaigns favor

    • whatsyourname

      hey you can see the edge of master chiefs helmet as perviously stated in the other article, so its probably campaign the mission with all of the tanks and fighting as we saw in some pictures which look identical, but if its a forge which is possible id be ecstatic :) good observation though

      • Halo 4 Infinity

        maybe in Halo 4 you can buy HUD’s.. just speculation

  • Halo 4 Infinity

    it looks like a beautiful map with trees and flowers, thats a good slayer map lol.

  • SilentK

    I think I will stick to default, like I’v done with every game. Default controls are meant for the game, usually they are what they are for a reason.

  • kn3vil

    Recon FTW!

    • Kiri Neko

      i use that too

      • Jamoplk7

        Definetly looks the best

    • rax

      I Always used recon but i don’t think i could bare having sprint as ‘X ‘):

  • Like a boss

    Under the menu where it says controller something is blurred??

  • spencer hodges

    im just going default, its the controller scheme im used to, i can tell it will work for me.

  • like a boss

    the background in the menu for the controller you can see that there are those black corners, just like the new master cheifs’ helmet. so that definitely is a campaign level!!! SOME OF YOU PEOPLE ARE REALLY DUMB!!!! OBSERVE!!!!!!!

    • Halo 4 Infinity

      he’s correct in his statement, but the trash talk wasnt needed

  • like a boss

    the map that is blurred is called ravine!!! check out my comment on the new armor picture to find out more!!!

  • Stephan

    The image is a warthog on grass, step back 2 meters away from the picture and look.

  • TheHalofan26

    I was really wanting the armor ability button for bumper jumer to be on the other bumper because you will not be able to use the right thumbstick when using your armor ability.

  • whatsyourname

    TOTALLY RECON. its been my controller scheme since day one and its still the same as always :) im so happy 343 created my favorite and most loved layout perfectly :) im so happy for 343 running the franchise now as opposed to some knuckle headed idiots wo dont know what theyre doing. THANK YOU 343!!!!

  • whatsyourname

    squint really hard at the blurred picture and youll see it perfectly guys! i wont spoil it for you though :) hehe have fun i cant wait for this map it looks like the 2nd mission from halo CE with all of the ravines and snipers where you have to evac the marines from the forerunner installations :) i am loving 343 right now!



  • john notawaffle

    i c it

  • f1r3p47h

    y r there 2 recons they r the same and i think that sprint on recon should be the dpad instead of grenades but still i agree with kn3vil

  • Noodlearms425

    I noticed that alot of control schemes had left trigger for grenades, but didnt mention anything about a “secondary” weapon next to it. Does anyone have knowlege of whether dual wielding will be in the game or not?

  • NoobsShallDie

    Looks like something I did in my art class freshmen year. lol. No, but really, I’m very excited for this game. Everythings looking great. I will have to get used to the button layouts, but hey. No big deal.

  • Sam

    They changed the scope on the Battle Rifle to a circular one similar to Halo 2 and 3.

  • Jam9t3

    aww, halo is sooo thoughtful! they even made a control layout called ‘fishstick’ for the cod fans (no im not talking about food, FISHSTICK–>CoD lol), so now the cod players will have a much easier time :)

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