August 15, 2012

Limited Edition and Season Pass Details


Microsoft previously announced that the each purchase of a Halo 4 Limited Edition game will come with in-game and Xbox Live digital content. They have just announced exactly what the digital content is; read below.

Specific Digital Content

  • Spartan-IV “Recruit” In-Game Armor
  • Spartan-IV “Prime” In-Game Armor Skin
  • Assault Rifle “Prime” In-Game Weapon Skin
  • “Prime” In-Game Emblem
  • Xbox LIVE Avatar “Recruit” Armor
  • Cryo-Tube Xbox LIVE Avatar Prop

Season Pass

343i also announced that a War Games Map Pass will be available for purchase upon the launch of Halo 4 on November 6th. This pass will give players access to the 3 map packs (3 maps in each pack) that will be released post Halo 4 launch. The pass will be $25, which is $5 cheaper than if you were to buy each pack separately. For those of you who aren’t buying the limited edition, this might be your best bet for purchasing the map packs.

Other contents of Limited Edition

War Games Map Pack Access – The Limited Edition includes access to nine maps – three future competitive multiplayer map packs, each including three locations, available for download post-launch on Xbox Live.

Specializations – Receive early access to six Specializations, available at launch on Xbox Live, to achieve higher ranks in your Spartan career. In addition to gaining access to new ranks, Specializations unlock new customization options. Purchasers of the “Halo 4” Limited Edition will get access on launch day, while others will have to wait as Specializations are released over time.

• The Limited Edition also contains the UNSC Infinity Briefing Packet, which includes an armor customization schematic, a blueprint of the massive ship itself, and insight into what it means to be one of humanity’s finest warriors: the Spartan-IVs.

• “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” Special Edition – An extended 90-minute version of the live-action digital series that will bring the “Halo” universe to life as you’ve never seen it, and provide an enthralling backstory leading up to the events of “Halo 4.”

“Halo 4” Limited Edition also includes the following exclusive videos:

• Bonus in-fiction content expanding the characters and stories of  “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn”

• Special Featurette: Bringing Gaming into Reality

• Making of “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn”

Discuss it in the forums

  • George

    Thank god theres a season pass!
    I do not buy the LE because it hasn´t got the game box with the awesome Halo 4 cover art.
    (Yes, I am paranoid)

    • halo4nation

      Yes this may be the deciding factor for people wondering whether to get the LE or standard.

    • Kiri Neko

      Maybe it will come with a poster :/
      I already preordered the limited edition

  • Jonathon West

    This seems like it is a lower value than I was hoping…

  • Dave

    I know this is off-topic as hell but, I really like the site. Keep up the good work!

    • halo4nation

      Thanks Dave, glad you like it.

  • Squatchmen

    I wonder what I’ll look like with the recruit armor and prime skin on….

    Optim… (cough) I meant Recruit Prime to the rescue!

  • like a boss

    wow it really looks great!! glad I’m getting it :)

  • David Perez

    why the hell do you get 2 helmets if u get the season pass? WTF it should come with the limited edition ,who agrees?

    • Luke Anderson

      No No, you get the bonus content with the Limited Edition, not the season pass my friend. You only get the maps with that =)

  • Kiri Neko

    OMFG can’t wait

  • Eric

    Limited edition digital content

  • Michael Greggs

    this game is going to so awesome

  • Luke Anderson

    1. I love this site an unbelievable amount! People check Twitter or Facebook when they wake up, I come here! Honestly, keep it up!
    2. Soon as Halo 4 LE was available to pre-order at Gamestation, I did it! Went in 3 Days in a row and on the third day, they just nodded at me!
    3. I’m looking forward to seeing what the bonus content looks like, that Recruit Armour will be interesting! If you guys manage to get any pictures of the bonus content, make sure to upload it!

  • Alan

    So I’m still a little confused about what comes with what. Do you get the Scanner and Strider helmets in the Limited Edition? I hate it when developers aren’t clear about stuff like this and I really hate to miss out on in game content like armor and weapons. Boy was it stressful when 343 started announcing all the pre-order bonuses.

  • ReconX

    I know it’s petty and just my OCD talking but can I get limited with the basic cover and not the metal one. The basic looks cooler also

  • Tony

    Should I buy season pass with the limited edition or will i be ripped off?

  • Downside Studios

    the skin for the recruit armor is what you get the recruit armor is the first you get in game. and the skin for the armor and ar will eventually be unlocked like all the pre order bonuses. the forward unto dawn is a digital halo waypoint download and the extended cut dvd is released in December. and you dont get the map packs free you get a 15% discount on them you better off getting the regular season pass at least you get 2 pass exclusive helmets and an exclusive emblem

  • Mstr Frost X

    So if I pre-ordered the limited edition, I don’t need to buy the season pass?

  • Casey

    How do you access the Forward Unto Dawn live action series from halo four? not the youtube one, the digital one, i bought the LE and cant find it. also since i got LE, i dont have to buy the map packs??

  • Samuel Pihlajamaa

    ok guys, the crimson map pack is here! i bought the limited edition but i can’t download the map pack.. and yes i have reedemed the code and everything. help please?

  • Samuel Pihlajamaa

    guys i bought the limited edition and reedemed the map pack code but i still can’t download the crimson map pack. please help.

    • Dave Shakur

      Wtf. I got same problem here

  • Nicholas Parker

    I can’t download castle for free even though I have LE. I tried going through Halo 4 and doing it but it still doesn’t work.

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