July 3, 2012

Multiplayer will Require 8GBs of Memory

Xbox USB


We heard this news a while back, but Frankie recently let people know on NeoGaf that Halo 4 multiplayer will require at least 8GBs of hard drive space to play online.

Frankie said:

“It’s not ideal, but the actual gameplay experience will be much smoother as a result and some of the things we’re doing are only possible with this requirement.”

This multiplayer includes both War Games and the weekly downloadable missions for Spartan Ops. Frankie wanted to assure everyone that this 8GB requirement is not a ploy to get players to purchase more memory devices.

Frankie’s Response:

“Let me be 100% clear, this is not an attempt to get you to upgrade to (a hard drive). The numbers affected are quite small and we went to significant effort to ensure this worked on a cheap 8 Gig USB stick (and to the point in the post above, ANY stick that meets the speed and reliability minimums, absolutely NOT just MS branded media) for the odd case where someone had (Xbox LIVE) and no storage. This is entirely in service of a good experience in the game.”


This makes me wonder why this will be required for War Games multiplayer. Could it be that an HD texture pack must be downloaded for the maps to give a better graphical experience; similar to what Battlefield 3 did?

Or could it be that a large portion of War Games maps will be made in Forge mode, and the extra hard drive space will give players room for said Forge maps?

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    I would be more excited about this, but 343 has confirmed that the max player count will still be at 16. I would have loved a 25 v 25 multiplayer mode or something, but my hopes are still high!

    • halo4nation

      I wish they would make a higher player count mode as well, it would feel like an all out war.

  • patrizl001

    i already have an old USB in my xbox with 14 gigs and only 2 gigs have been used. i will have enough……

  • hartham

    i just hope that invasion is still in there

    i know there wont be elites but still they can do it like 2 teams against each other.

  • spencer hodges

    i find it very stupid, 8 gigs is like the entire xbox hardrive and i have a wired pro mini controller AND a turtle beach so im like wtf

  • Raxs

    I’m trying to get the Halo 4 Limited Console so hopefully i shouldn’t have to worry about this :S

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