June 27, 2012

New Info From MS Expert Zone


Microsoft ExpertZone displayed some new Halo 4 facts that I think people will be interested in. They state there will be 10 new weapons, 2 new vehicles, and 50 Spartan Ops missions over a 10 week period.

Thanks to reddit user Eagle burn for posting and highlighting the image.

  • James Brooks Sciarrillo

    Hey Tim I post forums on Halo Waypoint and some posts I used some of your articles as links I’m going to use this one ok?

    • halo4nation

      Thanks James! You are always welcome to do so.

  • James Brooks Sciarrillo
    • Noel Brijesh Guru

      Well as long as you give Tim and his website its due credit, i guess any loot is permitted here lol :-)

      But i can see that you have done well! Nice poll btw


    I LOVE HALO 44444444444 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Haraldo Carpinetti

    *dies of multiple orgasms*

    • spencer hodges

      ….ill, thats nasty, but understandable.

      • Haraldo Carpinetti

        sorry guys, I couldn’t express in words what I felt 😛

        • Raxs

          It had to be done :L

    • Noel Brijesh Guru

      lmao….man that cracked me up!

    • Luis López

      Double orgasm, triple orgasm… orgasmtacular… orgasm frenzy

      • Raxs

        Lol! 😀

      • Raxs

        Double-Gasm, Triple-Gasm, Over-Gasm, Gasm-Tacular :L

    • Raxs

      LOL! 😀

  • spencer hodges


    • Noel Brijesh Guru

      halo 4 – like a boss 😉

    • Raxs

      Damn right 😀

  • spartan 1996

    only 10 new weapons…….i know i sound greedy and all but only 10…. and only 2 new vehicles….I hope its that rumored new warthog!

    • Noel Brijesh Guru

      Trust me anything over this will be a “overkill” I absolutely understand what you are trying to say..but think about it…we have a huge array of human and covenant and some Sentinel based weapons (and that’s Halo 1, 2, 3, ODST, Reach – worth of weapons)

      So i hope you get what i am trying to pull here…now anything more would just be too silly!

      But i will agree on the vehicles though…just 2 new drivables :-(

      • spencer hodges

        hey INCLUDING the ones we already have witch might mean: falcons,warthogs (obviously) , revanants, scorpions, wraiths mongooses um…. banshees ummmmmmmm thats all i can think of but hey for 2 new vehicles added its kinda good… but i bet there will be more as time goes on.

        • Haraldo Carpinetti

          I for one love those yellow ones in Sword Base trolol ;P

          But seriously, the 2 new ones will be forerunners… no point making human/covenant new ones…

          • spencer hodges

            but no im pretty sure we have a couple new guns cause think: scattershot, sticky detonator, storm rifle, what else is new though?

          • Haraldo Carpinetti

            yep… 10 new guns, the ones we’ve seen and a few more, like the “light sniper” and the “light AR”… we’re good in the guns subject.

            But vehicles speaking, the two can’t be human/covenant cuz the “new” ones in the pix and art aren’t really new. Like that huge one that is deploying a hog in a desert scenario is from Halo Wars. The new ones are going to be things we’ve never seen before! That’s why I’m “all in” in the forerunners ones!

          • spencer hodges

            well also if you have’nt heard, there might also be some of the old vehicles from halo 2 – 3 so yea we might have the hornet, elephant is a definite it was seen in a campaign pic, so when it says 2 new vehicles it means never seen before, oh i just repeated what you said, DAMMIT!! now i see what your saying, gah im friggin retawded..

          • Haraldo Carpinetti

            LOL that’s ok =D

            btw I love to fly the Hornet! Just hate to take a ride on the side, too exposed… which was the most effective way to disable Scarabs anyway, “make it rain” Spartans on top of it eheh

          • Blu

            i want the forerunner equivalent of the pelican
            and that giant elephant thing with wheels- a Juggernaut

          • halo fan

            forerunner vehicles, think about that….. there 100’000 years advanced than human or covi so how would possibly destroy one once somebody enters this tier 1 tech? realistically and following halo law it wont happen were stuck with tier 2 boarder-line 1 tech.

          • Haraldo Carpinetti

            You might have a point. But if Prometheans can die why wouldn’t their vehicles be destroyed? For balance purposes I’m sure they would think about something… well… after all I wanna see some new tech! =)

          • spencer hodges

            … i still wanna 1 man seated motorcycle with machineguns…

          • Noel Brijesh Guru


      • spartan 1996

        ok i was a bit greedy (translation: i still want more) But how do we know that they’ll bring back all the good vehicles? For all we know we could get back the mongoose but not the falcon.

        As for a forerunner vehicle. It could be a Forerunner tank. They were gonna make a forerunner tank for Halo 2 but it was cut, thats all i know about it.

    • spencer hodges

      what new warthog?

      • Noel Brijesh Guru

        i think he is pointing out “On the set” of FUD, which had a mystery UNSC vehicle.

        Am i right Spartan 1996?

        • spencer hodges

          ?? i still dont understand, can you show a pic?

  • spencer hodges

    hey tim can you give us some new gameplay? like custom games or something?

    • halo4nation

      Haha I wish, I don’t work for 343

      • spencer hodges

        heh yea hear you there cause if you did i would be like trying to tell you how thankful i am, and all.

  • Mack

    I hope that the 2 new vehicles will be Promethan and not another UNSC or Covenant vehicle.

    • spencer hodges

      well idk i want more UNSC vehicles honestly, I wanna motorcycle with machine guns that an actual motorcycle, not an ATV.

      • Mr. Fluffy fluffingston

        In one of the videos of the Infinity crashing on Requium, i saw what seemed to be a huge elephant looking vehicle in the loading bay (or something) rolling around. I think we might get the Elephant back, or maybe something completly different. The other vehicle will probablly be Promethian.

        i also hope they put a scarab in there somewhere

  • H2 was a real game

    “improvements to make halo 4 multiplayer a more “SOCIAL” experience”

    lmfao wonderful…so were making Halo easier for trashy players. Good job

    • Squatchmen

      screw you

      • spencer hodges

        exactly man, H2 stfu it means as in social they mean, friend, so yea, stfu

        • Squatchmen

          Everyone: give H2 was a real game a MAJOR thumbs down, thank you.

          He’s trolling, big time

          • spencer hodges

            DAMN RIGHT

          • YoungBoyBob

            spencer and squatchmen apparently run the joint everybody..

            H2 may be correct BUT you two are to dumb to listen to anyone elses opinion if it is different to yours. SHOW SOME RESPECT.

          • spencer hodges

            actually last time i checked we’re not in a joint, were ON a commenting page so yeah

          • spence so lame

            seriously buddy how about you grow up a little and open your mind to other people’s opinions. as i’m sure everyone has guessed that you’re a social noob that got a highest skill of 12 in halo 3. you’re bad and will never be good, let other people have a say. some people like the competitive side to halo and others, like you, like driving around on a mongoose shooting rockets at people. everyone has a different opinion. so deal with it kid.

          • YoungBoyBob

            that is so mature of you. you have no comeback so you have to point out a saying which means exactly what you said so you just wrecked yourself buddy. good work again. I AM A MASSIVE FAN OF HALO so stop being so damn tough man. its getting ridiculous.

          • spencer hodges

            and if you obviosly support everyone who doesnt like something about halo then why are you even on this site?

          • Slimey Hands

            Totally incorrect generalisation, stop acting like a bratty preteen. And before you attack me, I am fully in support of Halo 4.

          • Slimey Hands is a muppet


            you really let urself down. i wouldnt want to show my face around here again if i was you. you embarrassment to the halo comunity

          • AusSpellDifferent

            Get a load of this cunt

    • ekans

      just like they did in reach. so disappointing

      • Slimey Hands GF

        totes agree with you dawg

  • Squatchmen

    Wow! I guess this was a BIG day for Halo 4 news!

    I knew there was a ton more material, the stuff MLG was playing was basically considered the “beta”

  • spartan 1996

    *Driving a scarab* Take that you Mother *****s! 😀 i want drive one really bad

  • the steriliz3r

    im friends with the lead tester of halo 4 he answered all my question so if you have a question about halo 4 send my xbox gamer tag a message of what you want to know. ps my gamertag is the steriliz3r

  • Abhishek

    Hey Tim I got invited to the halo 4 internal beta which started on the 23rd of may but I went to the Bahamas. I couldn’t give anyone the beta code because you had to register it to your gamertag and windows live account. I got an email with lots of info about groups and gameplay. Respond to this of you want to see it :) thanks

  • juan

    this pic look sweet god im looking forword to be playing this even thogh im ten im a big fan of halo they have inproved a lot

  • Jakey

    Just a thought but think Depending on the size of the map each team should have a pelican drop ship for evacs ect

    • Raxs

      That would be Great 😀

  • Jakey

    Not An AI driver either one that you can fly your self
    tht would be SOO cool XD

  • xKrunchbyteX

    Bring back the chopper bring back the chopper bring back the chopper bring back the chopper bring back the chopper
    And I hope the make the banshee look like the classic one. I didn’t like the Reach design at all…

    But yeah, I’m really hoping this super elephant that we’ve seen is drivable. It has amazing potential.

    Then again, my hopes are always a little drastic. I wish for things like them bringing most of the old maps back… And the chopper >_>

  • Robert Harley

    wtf idiots why are u happy about unlocking weapons that
    is fucking ridiculous this game is gonna so damn unbalanced

    • Raxs

      No it’s not? It’s amazing. I Don’t think i could bare another un-customizable Weapon. You clearly have no taste :L

  • FUCK 343I


    • Raxs

      Shut up you stupid Kid. You clearly can’t even drive vehicles so why are you complaining? Go back to playing CoD.

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