July 9, 2012

New Longbow Gameplay


Three different games on the “big non-symmetrical” Longbow map. Many different weapons are used in these games, and they all look somewhat balanced.


Also check out these images:

Tactical Package List

halo 4 tactical packages

Halo 4’s Tactical Package list currently offers Shielding, Firepower, Resupply, and AA (Armor Abilities) Efficiency.


Support Upgrade List

halo 4 support upgrades

The Support Upgrades available to you include Mobility, Sensor, Ammo, and Awareness.


Emblem Design and Colors

halo 4 emblem colors

You can choose a variety of premade clip-art to use in your Emblem, which consists of two layers: background and foreground. Further colorize the emblem with primary, secondary, and background colors.


Armor Customization

Armor can be customized along each individual body part, including forearms, shoulders, head, torso, legs, and so forth. These customizations are purely aesthetic and have no impact on gameplay. Unless you count ‘looking really awesome’ as a part of gameplay.


Female Spartans

hao 4 female spartan

Gender is now an option in Halo 4. You can now choose between male and female body types to represent your character in multiplayer.


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  • Harry Weston

    I think Snowbound may end up being my favorite map to play on, the “packages” don’t seem to OP or game changing as they don’t effect direct combat rather things out of combat. Also just noticed the last pic seems to be a female Spartan, it also shows the armour isn’t poorly transferred from a male model, still too early to tell

    • spencer hodges

      its called longbow not snowbound, i hated that map in halo 3.( no offense im just correcting)

  • Kyrie

    “Gender is now an option in Halo 4. You can now choose between male and female body types to represent your character in multiplayer.”
    Do you mean gender wasn’t an option in previous Halo games, because you do not have to look far to prove that wrong. Reach let you pick a gender for multiplayer.
    And if you do not mean that then you should clarify by saying something like “Select-able gender has now been confirmed in Halo 4 multiplayer.” or something like that.

    • spencer hodges

      well it wasnt in halo 2 or in 1 but it was in reach and all the other halos (except halo wars obviously) but it was only in halo reach where it actually made it more real like cause in halo 3 it was only when you died you’d now it was a girl but in reach the girl was skinnier than the guy.

  • spencer hodges

    wowoWOW!… mobility in support upgrades makes you get unlimited sprint?! that is friggin useful man!!

  • tyler

    still think Promethean vision super op

  • dillon

    so sad to say goodbye to armour lock in hao 4… I WANT GLITCHES!!!

  • Kael

    Anybody else notice the female spartan picture’s menu has “portrait” with a lock next to it? Anybody know what that’s about?

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