July 11, 2012

New Medals Screenshots and Live Action Images


During E3 I heard a lot of people complaining about the aesthetics of the in-game medals. Later to hear that the E3 medals were only placeholders (temporary). Some of the new medal designs can be seen here, thanks to the Halo Council for posting these.

The skull medal with the red starburst on its forehead is the new headshot medal.


New Forward Unto Dawn Images

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  • Mack

    OMG! Did you se the one with a plate and fork+knife??? Steak anyone? 😀

  • Squatchmen

    Personally I like the look of the metals, they’re quite different from the Halo Reach’s and more like Halo 3.

    The one thing that does bother me however are the redundant “backgrounds” on them, there are symbols that look good and most people would assume what they mean and then another layer is added on top of it but doesn’t need to be there.

    like the head shot metal, there’s a yellow tinted skull with a red splash on the forehead – that’s all that’s need. You don’t need the star in the background to give it an extra pizzazz effect.


    they still look awful, what happened to art on the medals????!!

    • Robert Harley

      shut the fuck up! OFCOURSE ITS GONNA CHANGE have u ever heard of an alpha ?!

    • Raxs

      Who cares. The medals don’t even pop up in game so you practically never see them.

  • like a boss

    forward unto dawn looks pretty cool. i mean the have the sister girl from narnia and the steel man from x-men for MC!!!!!!!

  • Jammin

    You guys honestly care about how the medals look?! there are so many other things that you should be worried about with Halo 4, and your all caught up about the disign if freaking medals?!

    • kn3vil

      you do have to admit though, they are quite drab.

    • Sly

      Thats true, but the medals have been a part of the halo since 2.

  • Garrett

    Probably isn’t what I was supposed to notice, but that spartan in the medals screen shots looks really sick. Love it.

  • Ben

    The medals look crap. The only one unlike is the ying yang one

    Also most if the armor look really bad and alien style.

    lspartans are going to look like metal aliens with too much metal the helmets look crap exept for soldier warrior and scout

    • Ben

      The only one I like ^

  • NoobsShallDie

    I personally have no problem with the medals right now. Let’s also remember, these pictures are still basically E3 build, so they have more than likely changed them. If they haven’t, then get the word out so they know you don’t like them.

  • SilentK

    WTF is this shit? The medals need to look like real medals, not emblems. That’s the way they were, that’s the way we all like them.
    Just take a look at halo 2 medals, notice anything? These new medals are almost all stars and, back in the day the images fit inside the background so it looked like it could be a real military medal(kinda) and they had some real character to it, like shine and somewhat of a texture to it. I think they should stick to the halo reach style medals, they were beautiful and suited halo quite nicely.

    As for forward unto dawn, MC better not show his face, ever. And the “marines” look like a bunch of high school preps, no real character to them, just skinny white kids.
    Don’t get me wrong tho, forward unto dawn looks freakin epic, I just wish the actors looked like the part they are made to portray, soldiers of the UNSC, the finest military earth -and other colonies- has ever had.

    I think others can relate to my opinions on the subject..

    • conn3er

      you said a lot and i agree with you because of your effort

    • Sly

      Could not have said it better myself. The medals have no reality to them.

    • ViciousDump

      Just a side note on the skinny white kids thing;
      They’re skinny white kids from a military training academy, much like West Point.

  • Johnny

    I dont think Forward onto dawn is gonna look very good… Look at the Marines they Look so Stupid in those helmets lol..

  • sly

    the medals need more color and depth. they just look like colorless holograms.

  • mistah ARK

    So…are these the new medals or the placeholders still? Because they definitely don’t look very good.

  • Raxs

    Chief Looks friggin awesome 😀

  • halos campaign is awesome

    if your complaining about medals then you know nothing of halo

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