June 16, 2012

Quickfire by Stazima


Check out an episode of Quickfire where Stazima goes over Halo topics requested by the community. He’s an under-rated Youtuber who produces a lot of great weekly Halo content. Visit Stazima’s Channel 

  • Haraldo Carpinetti

    lol I wanna be in the Brain Muncher squad!

  • Blarg

    I love you Tim! You are awesome!!!

  • conkermon

    do you think they will change bumper jumper? cuz i use that too

  • MrNerdOfHalo

    Hey Tim, I just want to say great website mate your news coverage is unparalleled, even to my youtube channel, I just wanted to let you know that I also run youtube channel devoted to Halo. It’s sitting on about 30000 views and a poor 186 subs and I was just wondering if you could perhaps show some videos that I put up in the future, right now I am working on a series called The Lore Of Halo, its going to be about obviously the Lore of the Halo universe an I have high hopes for it, with you support though it could be even bigger. Ok well if you need to send me a message my Youtube channel is MrNerdOfHalo. Hope to speak soon.

About the Author

Hello everyone, my name is Tim and I love Halo. Enjoy.

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