July 5, 2012

This Weekend’s RTX Details


Hey everybody, RTX is this weekend and as many of you know, it is another chance to get a look at Halo 4 gameplay. Those going to the event are lucky to have the opportunity to play Halo 4 hands on.

Unfortunately I will be away for the weekend which will make it difficult to post all of the RTX news as soon as it appears (sorry). Although, Ducain23 will be attending the event and will be posting his experiences on his Youtube channel. Check him out.

The Halo 4 press conference will be at 1:00 pm (I’m guessing Austin Texas time) on Saturday.

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  • Like a boss

    Man I love you for your such recent and great news!!! Why away!!!! Noooo!!!!

    • Robert Harley

      i love your mom

  • andmcc

    So Central time.

  • Ben Lyons

    Guys don’t worry if u don’t make it. They said there will be steams of the convention, and videos from ducain23 and other youtubers as well

  • BenL

    Guys don’t worry if u can’t make it to RTX. They said there should be streams of the convention, plus great videos from Ducain and other youtubers as well

  • Isaac

    Guys rtx 2012 halo 4 panel is out on you tube right now

  • Corey Ellis

    oh yeah 7th comment 😉 i think halo 4 looks amazing i dont care what anybody says i just hope they change the controls to bumper jumper make grenade LT, and armor ability X ;but other than that its gonna be in the top! i know that much

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