May 29, 2012

UK Preorder Bonuses



or those of you Halo 4 fans who live across the pond, and will be offering a another set of preorder bonus skins. Pre-orderers will unlock “customizable Oceanic Armor Circuit and battle rifle skins”.

The helmet looks like something you would see on an oldschool deep ocean diver suit. The battle rifle skin which they mention looks like the arctic skin we have seen from other preorder bonuses.

Credit goes to Josh S 95 on the Waypoint forums for finding these bonuses.




  • SlayeRLZ

    I still hope this is pure horse shit! These armors are uglier than the devil’s pet vulture!!!

    • Squatchmen

      Something’s wrong with you. Anyway, I think it’s funny when the Great expanse of ocean stretching between the U.S. and Europe, Tim calls it a pond. Is that what we call it these days? Ha

      • ish

        i have to agree with slayer, the armor camos look like complete shit, and the helmets, wtf is up with that?

        • Truth

          I agree with squatch, something is wrong with both of you…

        • Arbiter0x

          Just wait to see it IG, those are just drawings of them, plus the image is extremely small, you can’t see anything on it. I think once you would be able to customize it IG with your own colors and everything, you’ill think the armors are great.

          • spencer hodges

            exactly first of all these arent even in game pics, so dont complain

    • spencer hodges

      ok, sure wait till the game comes out, these arent ingame AND, theres gonna be different skins, AND theres gonna be more costumization AND you can change the color of the skin AND, you can wear different armor so yea…. AND there might be more to come so no offense but please stop critisizing keep your opinions till the game comes out. k? jus saying

  • tomi

    the armor is just new to them……to me its awesome and cool

    • Zach

      Faith in Humanity Restored

      • spencer hodges

        @Zach, same here lol, and @tomi… same here also

  • Farts

    Dude they look so unHalo. This a crock of bollocks shit.

    • spencer hodges

      excuse you? when its halo there never is no unhalo every game improves in a different way, so do you really expect it to be exactly the same?… whatch your language bro…

  • spencer hodges

    everyone who just been told by me… you got told by an 11 y/o in 6th grade going to 7th… just figured you should know that…

  • spencer hodges

    …. ok yea oceanic might look weird but it still might look better ingame

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