May 18, 2012

Weapon Skin Ideas

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It has been announced that Halo 4 will contain weapon skins. We believe this to mean that you will be able to pick what color scheme your weapon will have. People may complain that this is too similar to weapon camos from COD, but honestly when your BR looks this cool who cares. Check out this BR skin concept video made by heheshabutie33 below.

My favorite 3 are




  • Tomi

    Component is my fav

    • jacob

      can you do the dmr or sniper rifle or assult rifle


    That’s so awesome!

  • iBrams

    I cant wait!! 😀 Maybe we ll be able to unlock more camos by completing the game on legendary and something like that :O im afraid of the idea that they could give a special camo to those who are inheritor in reach xS i am not and i am not planing to be, i hope they dont do that cause they will force me to get it so i would not fell incomplete my collection, i hope they give us some skin by just playing all the other games or by have all the achievs for those hehehhe lets see, i wast on favor of this idea because as you mentioned in you article, this is like other games that use camos, but just when i saw this concepts i just forgot my anger hehehe they look really cool, sorry for my english. Greetings!! ^_~

    • iBrams

      By the way i liked Ivory/ONI as well, america looks cool, an UNSC. 😉

  • ism

    i wouldn’t say its camo like cod more like gears
    and it looks sweet as hell (i been to hell and man is it sweet)

  • spartan 1996

    America and orange, the best

  • spencer hodges

    BARBIE FTW!!… 0_0 wait what?….

  • Pro Chump

    I hope the dont add gold skin.

  • Raxs

    ooh 😀 I Love these.

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