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Want to write for Halo4Nation?

Do you love researching and talking about Halo? If so, I’m interested in hiring a new writer for Halo4Nation. As you may have noticed, I haven’t been updating the site as frequently as I should (Sorry my time is split between college work and DestinyNews.net). With the new Halo franchises on the horizon, I want [...]

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Halo Bulletin 3.12.14 (Proving Ground)

Read the full Halo Bulletin here. Just two nights ago, the 343 team bravely hopped onto Xbox Live to play with and against some of you in Medal Madness custom games. Naturally, the evening’s activities included lots of needles, explosions, Gravity Hammer smashes, and yelling in various languages. One of my favorite things about these [...]

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Halo Bulletin 3.5.14 (Community Playdate)

I often spend time in the Bulletin talking about how the weather in Seattle really isn’t that bad. It truly is quite pleasant outside most days, and despite Seattleites telling visitors and tourists that it’s “never like this,” it’s pretty important to expose the meteorological truth whenever possible. The past few days however, have been [...]

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Halo Bulletin 2.26.14 (Rumble Swords)

Read the full Halo Bulletin here Last week, I predicted that this month’s community playdate would result in numerous interoffice debates, references to match highlights, and food fights. While I have been unsuccessful at actually getting the third activity in that list to happen (one day, I tell you), the first few days of this [...]

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Halo Bulletin 2.12.14 (Happy V-Day)

Read the full Halo Bulletin here. Valentine’s Day is this Friday, so I’m starting this Bulletin with a friendly reminder to all who are reading and may have entirely forgotten about the holiday (as I know from personal experience that playing copious amounts of Halo can sometimes cause one to forget about birthdays, anniversaries, and [...]


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Halo 4 Rocket Race Gameplay

Posted  September 15, 2013  by  Tim

With 343′s recent announcement of Rocket Race coming to matchmaking, Halo4Modding has provided us with short video of what it will look like in Halo 4. It looks pretty similar to the classic mongoose version of the gametype.

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Halo Bulletin 9.11.13 (Playlist Consolidation)

Posted  September 12, 2013  by  Tim

Read the full Halo Bulletin here Greetings, dear readers. It’s been entirely too long since I’ve had the pleasure of writing a Bulletin. Bravo’s desk is noticeably empty today, though, so I thought I would seize this opportunity to chat with you about a few different topics – all of them Halo-related, of course. As [...]

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Sleek Ninja Assasinations

Posted  September 11, 2013  by  Tim

Watch as Unfriender gets some rather cheeky ninja kills in this laid back montage. This is what I like to see in a montage, easy going music without overediting the gameplay.

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Haven Trick-jump Short Cut

Posted  September 8, 2013  by  Tim

Here is a rather impressive short cut to get around the map on Haven. Attempt at your own risk, I know from personal experience that I would suicide if I even tried this stunt.

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Halo Bulletin 9.4.13 (Game of the Year Edition)

Posted  September 5, 2013  by  Tim

Read the full Halo Bulletin here. This past Saturday afternoon, I sat in the back of the Benaroya Hall auditorium during a rehearsal of Malukah’s “Frozen Sleep”. It was the third time I had heard the song live, but as the haunting melody echoed throughout the auditorium, I felt an indescribable wave of excitement and satisfaction [...]

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Forge World Scarab Mod

Posted  September 4, 2013  by  Tim

From the same modder who brought us the Halo 4 unused weapon compilation, TehBanStick brings a Scarab into Reach’s forge world. It’s a bit glichy, but fun to watch nonetheless.

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