June 22, 2014

Frank O’Conner addresses Halo Wars Easter egg and teases sequel

Halo Wars 2 Possibility


During an impromptu AMA or Ask Me Anything on NeoGAF, Frank O’conner has addressed Phantom Dust’s supposed Halo Wars Easter egg and the possibility of a sequel. On the subject, 343 Industries’ Franchise Development Directer said:


Whilst the poster’s appearance is apparently meaningless, O’Conner saying he has no Halo Wars 2 information ‘at the moment’ might not be. With all the news that spawns from his NeoGAF posts, you’d think he’s careful with every word he writes on there. When a user suggested it was denial, he even said himself:


O’Conner intentionally wrote ‘not at the moment.’ Maybe he’s just misleading, or maybe Halo Wars 2 is coming at some point in the future, certainly the original’s Spirit of Fire conveniently returned in May’s issue #6 of Halo Escalation, and carrying a returning foe of all things (Halo: Escalation #6 spoilers regarding who that is)

343 Industries have routinely stressed the importance of having ‘everything feel connected’ and Halo Wars was notably disconnected. It was Halo’s only RTS, featured alternate characters and took place years before other titles within the lore.

What with being newly connected to Halo: Escalation comics through the Spirit of Fire’s return, this could be the start of more connections set to make Wars feel more relevant, and nothing would do it quite like a sequel.


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