June 3, 2012

Interview with Boy Behind the Beta Gameplay Leak


Original posted an interview with the person behind the leaked, terrible quality, multiplayer beta gameplay.

His name is Justin May and he states that this was not a viral campaign by 343i, but instead a troll just to mess with the community (He seems like a bit of a pretentious jerk). He does not go into much detail about how he managed to pull of the beta gameplay, but talks a bit about his experience with the multiplayer.

Justin May Interview: Click Play Button


Don’t take what he says very seriously as far as his review on the experience, although he does reveal some things we have not heard before. He states that there is a weapon called the storm gun that is apparently the replacement to the plasma rifle. Also that there is a variant to armor lock (not confirmed).

  • Jon

    He sounds like he is just trying to get under peoples skin, clearly trolling, it would be really naive to take his comments about it feeling like Call of Duty at face value.

    Just because a game does some similar things to another does not make feel like the same. game. Battlefield has many similarities, more than Halo 4 has by a large margin, and yet it does not feel the same in the least. Shooting mechanics, jump height, level of health, movement, map design, looks, physics, and the list goes on of game mechanics that can make one feel entirely different from another.

    • Tim

      Completely agree, he is clearly just trying to trying to anger people as well as make himself sound more important than he really is

      • Squatchmen

        whoa, whoa, whoa. If there is any game that Halo 4 is closer to, it would possibly, MAYBE be Crysis.

        The differences of CoD and Halo is as far as the eye can see, 343i only took some interesting and cool concepts from Cod to make an overall better SHOOTER game.

        Tim, why did Microsoft or 343i give Justin the privilege to show the video, why not someone at least twice his maturity?

        • Tim

          They didn’t give him the beta. He didn’t say how in the podcast, but he illegally obtained this beta himself. Therefore it was not sanctioned by 343i, just a poor troll.

      • nick

        i love halo haha

  • Jon

    Also what is all the stupid drama about, why do we care about this douche’s personal life?

    • Squatchmen

      So we can all agree he’s a complete an utter douche bag?

      I mean C’mon, he’s an idiot

  • MrWhippe

    I’m not sure how much I can trust this guy, but his comments about it playing like COD are very worrying :/ Looking forward to Monday to hopefully cure my nerves

    • iNK

      Did you read the Description? He’s just a troll.

  • Truth

    I don’t like him, he sounds like a punk…

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  • john117spartan UNSC

    little jerk…. :( still wondering how he got such information???

  • Hunter

    This kid needs some friends.

    • spencerhodges

      exactly he talks like he made the game, and he said 343 arent clever im like: biotch they’re making the next halo, saying that bungie quit, i wanna see what 343 got for us and it isnt easy being a side company making the next big title of the halo franchise i bet so people gotta be more respectful….. wow…. i really do talk alot….

      • spencerhodges

        (excuse my profanity i forgot to add that)

  • Cyberkill

    it doesn’t have a kill cam! on all the footage released form E3 etc there is no kill cam! only the 3rd person camera view of a friendly team mate, this kid is bullshitting, i’m sorry but i refuse to believe that halo 4 will feel like CoD and i’m sick of people thinking it will be when guys like this pothead are saying it will be. I’m going to ignore this shite for now as fake, or at the very most a viral advert thing, if i’m wrong i’ll admit it but until then….. FAAAAAAAKEEE!!!!

  • spencerhodges

    did he say “rape” in a podcast? this kid has problems

  • kronosslayer

    *Acquires Halo 4 beta, still has no social life*

  • FinalBoss110

    Fake! The halo 4 Beta was behind closed doors in an undisclosed location and was only open to people very important to the halo 4 community. Also it was closely monitered by 343i so it would be impossible to get unplanned leaked content out. I have never heard of this guy so I highly doubt he is legit.

  • Robert Harley

    …. I

  • Robert Harley

    I know I shouldn’t believe this kid but if halo 4 is just like cod.. idk what I’m gonna do!

    • Raxs

      don’t worry, it’s not like CoD at all. anyone who thinks that is just a pretentious moron with not capability to adjust to detail :L

  • infection in hd

    lol @ finalboss10, you act like this game was a fucking goverment cover up, shit gets leaked and weather this kid is talking out his ass or not it doesnt take a smarty to relize CoD copyed what they though was good in halo, then halo copys what they find good in CoD… as in…team deathmatch rather then slayer, and loadout/ ordanince rather then in gamepick up like the buble sheild in H3…i fucking love halo about im getting really pissed at what 343i is doing….and on top of all of this they are trying to fuck me with the preorder idk if i get a helm of skins or emblems or what ones come from where or anything…its takeing my nuts and breaking them in 4…and i fucking swear on my life if they only teams are unicorn and wolk, im done with halo and playing CoD…shit man let me make the game and see how damn good it would be here is what u need…
    remove the ordance
    make it where you get 1prime gun 1 secondary, 2 nades, and a armor effect per loadout
    stop doing that fucking kill streak for rewards
    make the game 1-50, no points bull shit
    if i wanted all this CoD shit i would get blackops2…fml

  • raxs

    This Guy is a complete moron who only did this to seek attention because all he does is sit in his room all day playing Cr*p like call of duty all day. sometimes i wish people like him didn’t exist…

  • booooo

    F this guy F him he is so wrong and cocky hes so stupid and wrong too it doesnt play anything like cod and half the info he states is false i would know i played E3 demo hes so effing wrong

  • booooo

    again F this guy i hope he neighbors kill him!!!! -_-

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