July 1, 2012

Multiplayer Time of Day Setting?

Longbow Dusk Skyline

The user Crossfire on the noticed that the images of the map Longbow in this week’s Bulletin differ slightly from the screenshots at E3.

The E3 screenshots feature an orange tinted sky, with a dark starry atmosphere above. Whereas the images from the Bulletin showcase a cloudy blue sky with a beaming sun lighting the environment.

343i has been talking about the huge lighting upgrades that have come to Halo 4, could this we one of the leaps they were talking about? I certainly hope so, not only would this make the maps more beautiful, but this would add huge variability to the maps that may usually become repetitive over time.

Longbow Center Dusk

Longbow Center Day


Longbow Dusk Skyline

Longbow Day Skyline

Either these are different skyboxes that 343i made for Longbow, or there will be variety in the time of day on multiplayer maps.

What do you think? Respond in the forum thread here

  • Fun Guy


    • Axel Alexis Lurssen

      sadly, i dont think its true….if u look at the sunny blue pictures…u can see a bit of orange in the corner…i think the map is just really big and they made one side sunny blue, and the other side an evening orange…

      • halo4nation

        This is a possibility, although I hope it is not the case

        • Jammin

          Tim, one thing about Halo 4, is that you NEVER EVER should get your hopes up. I got my hopes up for dual wielding returning, and I was so disappointed. In order to be happy about Halo 4 you NEED to have an open mind.

          • halo4nation

            A true statement

  • Axel Alexis Lurssen

    actually, i think they are the same map with the no setting changes…it think 343 said they want to make if fire and ice…but it didnt work…soo i guess they just made one side sunny and one orangish….cuz if u look at at the sunny blue pictures…u can see a bit of orange in the sky (like in the corners)

  • Elite

    Should be cool, but look at the last two pictures. I think it show the bleu and the red side, because the last picture is the left bow and ithas a bleu sky and when you look far to the right above the building you can see orange clouds.

    • xXJMVXx

      That looks like a cloud you’d see during afternoon.

    • conn3er

      yes like its the same map and time and everything its just that the skyline looks diffrent for the red and blue bases

  • Yo

    Well actually if you look at the first and second pic, the colour of the building is different. The first pic shows it as a darker grey colour, while the second pic in sunlight is naturally lighter grey.
    A time of day setting may be on the cards here…especially as it’s a widely requested feature for Forge. They did make progress with the FX orbs, this could be the next big step for Forge – I mean what else is left to do aside from a fully fleshed map editor (which isn’t really practical on consoles or for general use).

    • Da Geez

      Look at the 1st two picture and try to notice where the shadows hit specific objects. As a guide, look at picture 1 and the part of the build that has ‘UNSC’ written on it, the vertical chunk inside the circular building. Notice the angle of the shadow being cast across it, the sun is roughly 45 degrees from the horizon. Now look at picture2, you’ll notice the same shadow on the same piece of the structure.

      For me,this indicates no change in the direction of the ‘sun'(the main lighting source in this instance). I think that we are seeing the same lighting setup for each picture with a different hue on the skybox, obviously dependent on the direction of the camera facing.

      • Omni

        Who’s to say it’s the sun casting that shadow.

  • AlexH

    “343i has been talking about the huge lighting upgrades that have come to Halo 4, could this “we” one of the leaps they were talking about?”Quick, change it to be before anyone notices.

  • Garrett

    It’s also possible these pictures are all part of the same map at the same time. Especially in the first two, they are viewing the same structure from a completely different angle, therefore, if the map were somewhat of a “dusk” or “dawn” map, it could have stars on one end and blue sky on the other… however the slightly different shade of grey on the building slightly discourages this theory… just something to think about! (:

    • Axel Alexis Lurssen

      exactly what i said lol…and i agree!

  • ohsneezeme

    I think these are two different times/skyboxes because with the first two pictures they are of relatively the same angle of a building but the skyboxes have a very sharp difference. A little too sharp…

  • Arbiter0x

    I’ve got another example, remember the Halo 4 : First Look video ? Here’s a link , skip to 2:36 to see Adrift images. IMO, this is a very different from what was shown at E3. In the first look vid we clearly see that it is sunny while in the multiplayer videos shown at E3 it looks very orange, like it was in the evening.

    So it might be possible that there will be time of day settings in H4. But keep in min that those maps aren’t final and that they’ve probably been modified since they were leaked.

  • Cheifgunner014

    I just want this game so bad so i can figure out all these things 1st hand!!!!!!!!!!

  • giofrida
  • billy mcgee

    @halo4nation:disqus hey i just wanted to let you know i think youre right because if you notice in the halo 4 achievement list which i think you made an article about it states: ” “obtain significant air in the mongoose on the 2nd mission at “MIDNIGHT” << now im extremely excited because i find that it would add alot of variety and infection could reach new heights with gametypes such as : alpha zombies at night" etc to add more gametypes and added difficulty or ease depending on what time of day. this would be really cool especially with snipers and the like as they would vary depending on the time of day making it pretty exciting and making every map have significantly different feels every time and allowing the replay value to go up. i personally think they got the idea to ,most likely, do this from people combining the halo reach forge color balls to create artificial light settings. i think its pretty safe to say this will be a feature in halo 4 but they mentioned no weather or day effects for forge, if im correct, at comicon but i would think if they added this in they would probably put it in forge hmm weird but lets just hope we get to choose for every gametype as opposed to always having to do night time in infection etc. thanks for the info i love your news :) i know im a little late with a comment but i just noticed this article anyways thanks

  • sporeboy100

    maybe that is the answer to that odd achieve desc, we might get day/night settings! we need more word from 343 about this… and Roosterteeth to say something about it

  • Raxs

    Changing the time of day will be incredible for forge (:

  • Raxs

    Night and day settings will be amazing for forge (:

  • Raxs

    Amazingness (:

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