June 12, 2012

What we want in Forge

Longbow Map Horizon

I have been looking around different forums and have gathered what people wanted the most when moving from Reach forge to Halo 4 forge. Write down in the comments what else you want to see.

Basic Commands

•Undo/Redo button

• Select multiple objects and move them together

• Copy/Paste

• Mirror an object

• Start from scratch


• Choose object shades from color pallete

• Choose the skybox (blue sky,space,etc)

• Battles in the background

• Select time of day

• Select weather (Snow,wind,rain,sun)

• Include more objects

•Select object textures


• Gravity adjustment

• Bots

• Better matchmaking support (Forge Playlist?)


• Terrain Editor (mountains, rivers)

• Vegetation Editor (trees, bushes, grass)

• Ability to make a sand, snow, grass, metal landscapes

Far Cry 2 Terrain Editor



  • Knight of Order

    What we want in Forge:

    Installation 00 as a Forge map!
     It’s big enough, it’s 127,530 kilometres in diameter!

    • Skulledrebel

       Not likely, but I agree with you entirely! Maybe we can have Requiem as our new Forge World?

      • spencerhodges

        from what i can remember, i think they’re adding two actual forge world-ish maps for forge. :)

        • xXJMVXx


  • Mr Derp

    shape a single object so you don’t have to place lots of the same object. Like instead of placing 2 5×5 flat blocks to make a 5×10 flat block you can place 1 block and extend it or shrink it, or even curve it to make ramps or corners.


    I heard in one interview with Josh Holmes that you can’t forge on any of the 10 maps that come with the Halo 4 disk. So that’s a pretty big change, still not sure how I feel about that.

    • Jimmybidz

      he said there are 10 none forge maps and one or two forge world maps, who cares anyway, nobody used sword base as a forge map, only forge world, so to have two of them would be epic

      • Ben

        There is always machinima proposes. Plus they fixed the infection playlist in reach with new forged maps

  • Kenny Brown

    My primary concern is the issue with frame rate which so hinders gameplay on forged maps…

    I have seen some great looking original maps as well as remade maps; however, most of them are currently unusable in split screen mode due to drops in frame rates, which can occur depending on where the player is in relation to certain objects on any given map.

  • Dejay218

    With the attention to detail 343i is putting into every aspect of Halo 4 I anticipate a huge overhaul for forge. I’m calling it now, Spartan Ops editor as well as hand gestures for machinima.

  • Thomas

    I hope that we can add like dead Spartan/Marine/Covenant bodies to the map to make it seem more “war like.” 343 probably won’t but I can hope.



  • I-stomp-on-exploding-babies

    You know what would be sweet! I like the monitor in Cold Storage from Halo 3 where is stuck in one place, he is considered an enemy but doesn’t fire.

    I would like something like that, atleast a couple of A.I. like bots that are just for show, but could be anything – like a trapped Elite in a Cell, the Monitor, the Flood Juggernaut also in the map was also really cool.

    that is what I want to see 

  • Halo4Dabest

    I want a trim tool or an extend tool lets say  you like an object but its to small then extend it instead of placing multiple of it or using a different object. Or an object is too big like it pokes out of your building then use the trim tool and keep what you trimmed in a spare parts bin or sell it back the forge item selector for some of your money back.

  • Squatchmen

    Wow! I finally signed-in to Disqus!!!!!!!!

    We should all have a celebration! Tim, you’re the man!

    • halo4nation

      Haha glad to see you got it working

    • grant

      congrats welcome to the halo 4 Disqus!!!!!!!

  • like a boss

    i have tryed to use farcry map maker and its very hard!!! too much stuff and buttons for this and that……..:( 

    just keep it simple i say!!!


    unlimited object spawning but still a limited amount of money.

    • Skulledrebel

       I don’t see this happening anytime soon. Maybe on the next generation console but I doubt the Xbox as is could handle that. I imagine we’ll get a larger amount of money to spend though! Or just a larger map, either way it’s something to look forward to.

  • Skulledrebel

    As I heard something about bots definitely not being in Halo 4 I don’t see them as a possibility. But personally I like everything else about this list as well as suggest animated objects. It’d be nice to (for example) have buildings with spinning blades on them as if they were windmills.

    • Ben

      or openable doors

      • David

        I think it would be awesome if they had openable doors and locked openable doors and to get threw them you need to know the correct numbers to open it, like a password. Not sure how you would figure it out though mabye the map creator could put clues around the map or something. Oh and also the map creator should be able to put the password in the forge options when you clilck on the locked door.

  • Meh

    Environmental variation.  A sandy region, a forerunner region, a snowy region and a barren rocky region.  Or a filter to change the maps appearance. 

  • Jimmybidz

    id love for enemies to be in forge, like to put grunts in a certain area of your map, i’d mainly love to put a grunt in a box and taunt it

    • boooooooo

      ikr bro ive been saying since forge was made for halo: “i really want to see npc (odst allies, grunts, elites, AIs, etc) spawns that will interact while i fight making my own kind of mini campaign.

  • Jonesigel80

    get rid of the mony sytem tired of always hitting the bidget

    • eittsara

      it is there instead of a memory limit so you do not over load the map

  • Inferno13240

    an option to make objects move back and forth without having to hold them as an oracle. 

  • Jsflaherty

    I personally think that there should be more natural objects. Maps would be a lot better if there were trees, so players could create forest-like areas, make buildings look overgrown, etc. But the overgrown part could fit in to the texture variety.

  • Josef Jakubiak

    Pillar of Autumn…. No more needs to be said

    • spencer hodges

      0_0………………………… 0_U_0

  • conkermon

    have unlimited items and more items and have unlimited money or more money way more!!! yeah that list pretty much says the rest8}

  • tyler

    i want to see anything at this point. just a screenshot would be great

  • TheGamingGuyXD

    If 343i adds this ,witch I know they can, this will probably be the the best game for years to come, either way I still love what 343i is doing to Halo 4, keep it up guys. Oh and another Idea make it so that there’s a choice for noclip as a moniter so you can go through walls.

  • Enozraw

    Aren’t asking for A.I. bots basically asking for firefight? More or less without the waves and the sets I’m assuming. Anyway I think they are the same, but having movable enemies likes displays sounds like it would be a fun addition to forge!

    • boooooo

      no we just want to be able to control the fight with allies etc, kind of like our own mini cmapaign, it would help machinima ALOT too. just basically firefight that is super controlled so we choose how the fight goes and we want AIs to capture flaggs and interact not just spawn endlessly to kill you, we want it to be like playing online without needing to play online using AIS instead if that makes sense, its more for the people without xbox live or people with no friends.

  • James

    Tim I made a topic on HaloWaypoint linking to this post if thats allright with you :)

    • halo4nation

      Thats great! Thanks James

  • Mr. Fluffy fluffingston

    If they make a forge world map ( wich is very likely ) id like to have the map split into blockable sectors like an area for space/Ariel combat or an area for total vehicular warfare and among other things. Is also like to have hologram generators that spawn different varieties of enemies. I also hope they put Elephants (and possibly scarabs or something bigger) as spawnable vehicles.

    • xXJMVXx

      I think they’re making a vehicle like the elephant but much bigger and better graphics than the elephant from Halo 3 (of course :P).

      • rax

        Yeah, It’s called the Mammoth, it was shown quite early but no one was really bothered about it. it looks really big! looks about five time the size of an elephant :L

  • Eric

    i want something easy to use but complex enough for the people that want it…kinda like batman AC combat system

  • rogue

    make buildings and cities, burning objects, destroyed vehicles, get rid of the money system, and a massive map bigger than forgeworld able to have air battles, space battles, ground wars, beach invasions etc, and make different enviorments in the forge world map

    • bad boy

      good idea that was my other idea that you should get rid of the money system but you forgot some think unlimited things like every think is 1000 to 2 billion things to make a cithy destroyed vehicles dead bodys and more but i like the space battles and you do get ground battles in some maps i like the massive map bigger then forge world say like 100billionX bigger and you do get air battles beach invasions you get normandy maps

  • Halo wiki

    Undo/Redo button
    • Select multiple objects and move them together
    • Copy/Paste
    • Mirror an object
    these options would leave 343 with lots of bugs and glitches to sort out and tbh there would be so many glitches with these options e.g copying and then pasting then undoing in a certain order so that one object then becomes infinite! ill be very surprised if forge gets this capability. but youll probably say “there are lots of games that allow these features when it comes to crafting worlds n maps” ill say that forge only has a small team working on it it has a small time frame to be constructed and developed and then made and is not the biggest focus on halo were as far cry and etc are 50-50 and the editorial mode is a lot more focused on. just saying also for there to be bigger maps and no money caps or items caps you’d need a bigger disc and by the looks of things its pretty full. unless they make a totally different forge editor mode that’s separate to the game then i don’t think allot of your wish will be granted. plus the core function of forge is simplicity so that anybody go go ahead and create a perfect map with no problems as well as having complex angles. like from halo 3 to reach it became more users friendly and allot more people got involved. all i can say is if you think that forge on reach was 10x better than halo 3 then forge on halo 4 is also guna be 10x better or even 100x better depending on there direction. allot of people play halo for forge as it unique to the stlye of game so unless they get this right halo 4 with lose its sparkle. :) HALO 4= halo1-2-3-odst-reach all brought together to make an amazing game so if thats not enough to prove its guna be good then what is. unless of coarse you disslike all those games if so what you doing on this site lol………. .. . . . . ././ ./ .

  • Danny Caldwell

    make it so your monitor stops moving when you stop pressing the thumbstick in a certain direction, it really screws me up when my monitor drifts like 2 more inches then i want it to.

  • Raxs_Slayer

    *Sigh* I Wish you could edit FF Maps on forge, but there no more firefight. oh well, it was getting kinda stale. I hope you can make spartan Ops missions.

  • Dudeman117

    You know what I really want? For the zombies in Infection to look like the Flood. Or instead of that, have infection like Spartan Ops and Firefight Versus on Reach had a kid, so where if you die by the Flood’s hand, like you become a little pack leader or commander or something. FUCK CANON! Flood in Infection is something I’ve been wanting since Halo 3.

    • bad boy

      i do want flood as well on infection

  • daman

    snapping forge parts together

  • William Ansel

    Another example is triyls evolution map editor
    U can do about every thing on that list in it

  • Zidane2005

    Co-op Mission Forge

  • Zidane2005

    Possibilities include:

    – Multiple objectives
    – Alternate Objectives
    – AI Thought-Spawn
    -Examining of Player Locations/weapons for
    -Timed, nonchalant enemy unit placement
    -AI Commanding Officer, System Strategy
    -Trigger manipulation
    -We want timers that last for more than 5 minutes!!!!!

  • el Destroyer 2018

    bots with adjustable health, species, armor, weaponary etc.

  • chuck norris

    i want a easter egg somewere that has a lolipop

  • chuck norris

    i want placeable blood and possibly dead bodies im tired of reach cause i want to make a scary map i was gona put a rocket launcher with a dead marin with lots of blood bye him but noooooooo bungie was dumb like uhh no blood or dead bodies cause we are dicks suck us

    • bad boy

      i do want bodies alot of blood as well on maps as well

  • chuck norris

    i want iron man in forge to hump you and start talking to like hey bilonare playboy here if you shoot him will kill with his armor and have that as an easter egg that happens when you find theoh wise nut sack easter egg witch will apear in 1 day of forging i want a day and night system some how and a bed system and mabye a minecraft easter egg that if you make a pickaxe bye useing walls you will be in minecraft and find steve he will hit you with his diamond sword it does nothing and then a bunch of hunters come and stsrt singing………………………. SCATMAN and then a bunch of diamond blocks fall from the sky and then one hits you on the head and you are herobrine stalking steve and he wonders where you are so he goes looking for you and you can attack him or stay put or any thing else he has couple of diamond picks in his chest if you greif him you can go mining but he is on a multieplayer sever so you can get spotted i reacomend that you go mining an seal up were you started with dirt or stone case some one might wonder in to the minshaft if you die you get telaported back thats all

  • smm2010

    This is probably out of the subject and I’m probably in the wrong forum, but I’m hoping they bring back VIP to Halo 4, being that I’m a racetrack builder.

  • Zachary Hertel

    we should get all the canpain veachiles and us om to go in space and fight with them

  • moomoocow

    is there going to be animal bots i think it would be a good addition because of the Vegetation

  • d

    They should allow you to add bots and create a firefight scenario, the addition would open up an entire new dynamic to the forge experience, you could actually create a base and battle scenario in which your enemies did not just jump up and walk in, it would also allow you to create a combat scenario in which you would be fighting a massive amount of enemies at once with all of your friends.

    • bad boy

      i do wish you can make some fire fight maps and i like that as well that the should be alot of enemies like 7 billion of enemies

  • aak

    i want wat most of these people are saying is bots in forge that would make forge 110% better and making ur own firefight for fun

  • Spartan C-13

    All i want is a good pillar of autom map and a room in the new Infinady starship.

  • bad boy

    wish there was control notes on the maps like control notes say any enemy like AIS like flood, spartans, unsc marines and odst, the covernant and the promethens defending one of these well on of them defending it say like the covernant are defending pods that inside have spartans that one of the 2 teams fighting each other can have to help them in battle or one can be that a factory has robot spartans in that that any team can control but the prometheans are defending it or one can be a radio tower that can call for unsc marines or odsts but the unsc are defending it so one of the 2 teams have to kill the enemyies defending it but the team that control the places that they have to defend it from the other team and from the enemy AIs that they taken it from so yea and me and my friends othere idea is to have the flood, unsc, the covernant and the prometheans in forge making maps so the teams killing each other have another enemies to shoot at i want there to be a massive map that each AIS fection can have 40k of soliders in them for the 2 teams to go all out war on them

  • Harry Kearns

    they should put in boats

  • Isaiah Spilman

    they should also make it able to make like boats and stuff to place in water that actuly move around and stuff along with pre made boats and you should also beable to under water

  • bigtoe

    unlimited budget Requiem as the new forge world and the ability to make two different objects become one so you don’t accidentally move one and have to line them up all over again

  • Hawx906

    I want a transport air vehicle
    And a air fighter, so a pelican and a hornet

  • Noble6

    What we want in Forge:
    Maps up to 127 ,530 Kilometres In Length,Width and Area

  • ryan

    old maps make them as big as u want or smaller make them the ways u want make differant terain ect and all the memory of thetre or the maps run off the memory off ur hard drive so u can have as mutch of whatever u want

  • brandon

    I want to be able to spawn AI. like create battles and mix and match a sees who wins and vice versa. Like spawn 5 Marine AI choose there stradegy then spawn 5 elites for example and see who wins!



  • TubbyBat

    i wish you could aim some where and teleport = faster map navigation!

  • TubbyBat


  • grant

    i want everything that was in the reach forge to be in the halo 4 forge

  • Anthony

    I wish they’d just replace Forge with a map editor on the PC, so it would be more advanced. Your maps could be made from scratch. You could place AI bots and objectives, create your own dialogue, and make cutscenes to create your own Mini-campaign if you choose. Then you would use a USB to transfer the map files. What would also be cool is a tag editor to make your own custom weapons, vehicles, bots, etc.

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