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Mark VI Helmet Returns

Up until now we have only seen blurry images of the Mark VI helmet in the PAX gameplay. Finally, thanks to Aruseus493 on reddit, we get to see the legendary helmet up close. More Armor Also here are more screenshots of armor ...
by Tim


Mystery Map Analysis

In the new Halo bulletin 343 hinted at a new map, seen here in this teaser image. Check out different Photoshop variations of the teaser to see the image more clearly. Map Named Ravine? If you look at the right-side text, down ...
by Tim

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No Brutes in Halo 4

Yesterday the achievements list was released which made many people excited about the return of the gravity hammer. This led people to the assumption that since the gravity hammer was back, that the Brutes would be back too. ...
by Tim



Spartan Ops Interview with Frankie

This article was written by Most of the information is old news, but there are some new first mission tid bits. For gamers, November 6 isn’t just Election Day. It’s the day when the Halo Nation get their collect...
by Tim


Frankie Interview: Why 343i Changed Halo

Venture Beat interviewed Frank O’Connor about the change that 343i was bringing to the Halo franchise. This post is reposted from Venture Beat  If this is a new beginning for Halo, why bring the Covenant back? O’Connor...
by Tim


Halo 4 RTX

New Sparkast and RTX Details

Yesterday 343i released a 73 minute long Sparkast that discussed Halo 4 news more in-depth. Unfortunately no one has posted a summary of these details, and I did not have time to listen to the whole podcast. Let me know in the ...
by Tim



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