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Halo 4 Officially Finished

Frank O’Connor was quoted today at a London Press event about the progress of Halo 4. Source:  “We had a big piece of news yesterday back in the office, which is that the game is literally finished ...
by Tim


Frankie Interview: Why 343i Changed Halo

Venture Beat interviewed Frank O’Connor about the change that 343i was bringing to the Halo franchise. This post is reposted from Venture Beat  If this is a new beginning for Halo, why bring the Covenant back? O’Connor...
by Tim

Frankie Talks Future of Halo

Frankie Talks Halo’s Future

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, Frankie of 343i talks about the next 10 years of Halo. With new Xbox hardware on the horizon, the future of Halo is always shifting. Click here for the video
by Tim


Halo 4 Magnum

Halo 4 Inspirations (Game Informer)

Game Informer just released another episode in their ongoing preview of Halo 4. This video goes over where the team of 343i finds their inspiration to create this advanced world of Halo. Check out the video here.
by Tim


Halo 4 Xbox Theme Dashboard

Premium Xbox Theme and Multiplayer Details

The weekly Halo bulletin released yesterday and it brought news of a new Halo 4 Xbox theme. This theme contains multiple Halo 4 concept art designs that allow the user to customize to their liking. This theme will cost you 240 ...
by Tim



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