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Halo Bulletin 7.23.14

Written by Bravo: The days before major gaming industry events are, in many ways, totally insane. As we prepare to show you new things, last-minute finishing touches are made with extreme care and caution. Teams of 343’ers st...
by Joe


Halo Bulletin 7.10.14

Written by Bravo. There are only three weeks between E3 and the Rooster Teeth Expo, which means we always have to do a bit of hustlin’ (no, not that type of hustlin’) to get ready to come and see everyone in Austin. This ye...
by Joe


Halo Bulletin 6.19.14

Read the full Halo Bulletin here Halo: The Master Chief Collection Community Q&A Question: Will Halo: The Master Chief Collection be available for download on the Xbox One Marketplace? -RRUINER Answer: Yes! Access to the li...
by Joe



Halo Bulletin 6.4.14

Read the full Halo Bulletin here Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about E3. You’re excited, we’re excited, and we can finally say that E3 2014 is less than five days away. Some members of the team are already i...
by Joe

Halo 4 RL Warthog

Halo Bulletin 6.9.12

This week’s Halo Bulletin was just released and it summarized the great showcase Halo 4 had at E3 2012. Check out the Bulletin Here
by Tim


NFL Halo 4 Playtest

Halo Bulletin 5.2.12

This week’s bulletin goes over the busy times at 343i for the past week. From the announcement of the new live-action series, to playtesting with NFL and MLG players, Halo 4 is always growing. Check out the full bulletin ...
by Tim



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