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Your Questions Answered (Gamespot)

Gamespot released this 50 minute long video showcasing Campaign and Multiplayer gameplay. Most of the gameplay is old, but it serves as a refresher for those who may not be as caught up with the news. Possible Campaign Spoilers...
by Tim


More Awesome In-Game Screenshots is still not working, but luckily released the screenshots as well. Enjoy. Here we get a better look at Campaign, Spartan Ops, Flood Mode, Vehicles, and the new map Complex. Discuss it in the Forums
by Tim

Complex Map

New Map, Flood Mode, and More Screenshots

The Waypoint link is currently down at this point, but later there will be more screenshots to come. Thanks to Renegade Wo1f for posting these awesome shots. Here we get a better look at Campaign, Spartan OPs, Flood Mode, and t...
by Tim



Halo 4 Story Interview

Frank O’Connor sits down with IGN to give in-sight into how the Halo 4 story will unfold. Discuss it in the Forums
by Tim


65 HD Screenshots

The posted these amazing high resolution screenshots from Campaign,War Games, and Spartan Ops. There are a lot of them too, so have fun. Link to the full Halo 4 GTTV Episode
by Tim


Screen shot 2012-06-13 at 12.45.32 AM

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Gameplay

Sorry to disappoint most of you, but the gameplay shown on Jimmy Fallon was nothing new. If you have been keeping up with E3 you would have seen the same Campaign walkthrough that Jimmy played. Although I still find it funny ...
by Tim



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