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Comic Con Wrap Up

After a successful weekend at the San Diego Comic Con, here is the Halo 4 wrap up. Discuss it in our forum
by Tim


Bravo Post-Comic-Con Multiplayer & Forge News

Bravo gives us a great analysis of the Halo 4 Forge and Multiplayer news that we learned about last week. The gameplay is from an E3 match. Discuss it in our forums
by Tim

Halo 4 Comic Con

Community vs 343i and New Sparkast

BravoMLG uploaded this inside look at the matches between 343i members and those from the Halo community. The gameplay contains 2 separate matches Comic Con Edition Sparkast: Press Play Discuss this in the Forums
by Tim



Trailer Screenshots: The Beauty of Halo 4

I took screenshots of the Creating Halo 4 Trailer, which showcases the beautiful landscapes and environments in Halo 4. They are a bit blurry, but since the images were flashed so quickly some of you may have missed them. Discu...
by Tim

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Comic Con Multiplayer Gameplay

Thanks to Waypoint user Slain Valhallan for posting these Machinima gameplays on the forums. The game is on the multiplayer map Haven and shows solid gameplay with tons of assasinations. Things to note are the blue flames on th...
by Tim



Game Mode Specific Assassinations

Reddit user Cyren posted this Comic Con footage of game mode specific assassinations. What this means is that if you are running with the flag or a bomb, your assassination will incorporate the carried object. The footage ...
by Tim


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